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Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2003

Sometimes it’s not what the masses have to say that matters.  It’s more that one person can see what you’re about.  If I write a thousand sentences and one person relates to one sentence then the other 999 were worth my time when it comes to just writing.  Writing about my life, I don’t care who gets it or doesn’t get it.  But when someone admires the way I write…the mere “way” I write that’s a nice compliment.


Today I got this message….


[ i personally think you're awesome... your diary
has intrigued me since the first day i clicked myself
in here. =) & your love for bucky is apparent. it's neat
that he still holds your hand when y'all walk together..
hehe, i'm 19, and i don't do that that often with my
dad. now, i guess i should more, since i see how much
it can mean. :) but yeah. i just wanted to say that
i think you're awesome.]


[ oh, and as far as your novel. i believe you can do it.
and if you ever do publish a novel, let me know.
i'll buy it. i like the way you write. ]



I think the best line was “your love for bucky is apparent.”  Man I hope so.  :-)


Furthermore, my friend Bwy is finally sending me a pweasant.  I have given him guff for 5 years about how he has never given me a pwesant.  He’s sending me something.  I dunno what it is…but I’m curious.


Lastly…I gotta split cause BF wants to play on the pc.  His turn now.





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