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Wednesday, Jul. 20, 2005

I’m fresh home from Math class.  The 2nd week. I scored a whopping 1 point on a 5 point quiz that had 12 problems.  Not good.  It’s as if he gave me 1 point for shedding pencil lead on the paper.


I have resigned myself that I cannot withdraw from the course so I have to sit there like the jackass I feel like and endure.  In the interim there are only a few good things I can hang onto.


  1. I am far from the only one that did poorly in this course. 
  2. I need and am looking for a tutor.
  3. If need be, I can quit at MTH/ 208 and put off MTH/209 whilst a brainiac tutor assists me.
  4. Also if need be, I can pay for the course I need elsewhere and transfer the credits.  Meaning I can take 6 credits of Math the old fashioned semester way (more time to learn) and transfer the credits to the University I am currently enrolled in.
  5. I am glad to find this out early and seek help with my Math inefficiencies.
  6. Because I live in a highly populated area there appears to be a large pool of places I can go to for tutoring that are like companies and therefore I am not seeking help from an unknown place or individual.
  7. I know for sure now that I am not a dumbass, I am just Math dyslexic as bad as I am direction dyslexic.
  8. I can sit and stare at a problem for hours but staring is not the solution.
  9. I need HELPPPPPPPPPPP and can admit and seek it now rather than later.
  10. I have the cash to pay for tutoring/help…this is a huge good thing


P.S.  TO the few jackholes that will email me, msg me, or note me that I am a stupid ass idiot mothersucking Math Loser…..yes yes I already know….save your time and go help some other stupid ass solve quantum physics…another area I’m sure I’d fail at as well.


P.S.S.  I will never need Algebra in my chosen career field…..I just need a passing grade so I can MOVE on. 


P.S.S.S.  When I got home, the man had the entire place spic and span clean and man how I needed that one little something nice to happen today…..Reason #814,559,215,003,153  (ß-an area that I can do Math correctly in…whew)that I pick Rick. Oh and one of the reasons why I love him madly. That and how cute he looks when he's sleeping and I kiss him hello. And how soft his curls feel running through my fingertips. And how good his sleepy smell smells. His sleepy smell makes me melt inside. That and....and....he'll love me MATH genius or not.



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