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Friday, Mar. 15, 2002
Josh called up and did a little poetic Jam on my voice mail. It was the kewlest thing ever…… And then I got a voice mail from MadProphet too… where he said “I just want you to know that I’m still here and I’m still thinking of you and I still think you’re the coolest thing since sliced bread.” Awwwww… I had to call him up and tell him he’s as sweet as peanut butter and jelly…. I just had to because it’s the truth.

Last night I went to the library cause Josh said the library is free and why do I need to “own” all my books. Good point because the library is free and they have thousands of books that I can read for free. So…I go to the library and they had “Once Bitten” and so I’m a happy camper. They also had Searching for Intruders: A Novel in Stories by Stephen Raleigh Byler and so I took out two books. And because they are 7-day books this means I have to read two books over the next 7 days. Think I can do it? Strangely I started to read Intruders and the story about Roaches is absolutely exactly like my marriage and what happened to it. There’s this amazing undertone. That story is so good that I might type the entire thing out and print it and keep it forever. Yeah I’m weird like that. I save words I can’t bear to part with. Yeah see…library books can be read for free but I’ll be typing up the good parts of books to own pieces of them. I need FA meetings. “Fictionaholics”.

I still have this “email” friendship going on with Tod Goldberg. He recommended the author Aimee Bender so now I gotta check her out. *sigh* It’s a never ending quest somehow. He’s the funniest person. Even his emails are perfect fiction somehow….(I sent him that sleeping Bucky picture…)

Hi Kristy,

Boy, now that's a cute kid. I gotta get me one of those. My wife and I have been practicing -- we're getting pretty good at it -- but every time we think we really might like to give it a go, we remember how irresponsible we are, how we put off feeding the dogs until they damn near claw our eyes out, and how on a whim not too long ago we up and left in the middle of the night and drove to Vegas wherein we drank and gambled and spent far too much time with a stripper named Star for our own good.

Doesn't look like I'll be signing in Florida unless Living Dead Girl goes through the roof or until the movie version of Fake Liar Cheat comes out (they're aiming for 2003..which isn't that far away, really). On the upside, my wife's relatives from florida are coming here next week for a week...that should be, uh, well, that should be 7 days.

I've heard good things about Intruders -- I think I heard the guy on NPR or something. Anyway, I'll check it out. I always like to read mind bending and earth shattering stories -- have you read any Aimee Bender, by the way? I think you'd like her. Her short story collection is better than her novel, but either way she's pretty darn brilliant.

Glad to hear your domestic situation is unfolding in odd and troubling patterns :) It'll give you something to write about!


He’s just the fucking kewlest guy. I can’t wait for his new book “Living Dead Girl” to come out….

In other news..I’m going out to lunch with the husband…should prove interesting….at least I don’t have to count the change in my car’s ashtray to eat. ;-)


I am in love with stopping.

It's a fine art, when you think about it. To quit well requires an intuitive sense of beauty; you have to feel the moment of turn, right when desire makes an appearance, here is the instant to be severed, whack, this is the moment where quitting is ripe as a peach turning sweet on the vine: snap, the cord is cracked, peach falls to the floor, black and silver with flies.
-Aimee Bender
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