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Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2002
He wrote me back….again…

hey, just at home eating lunch, thought I'd drop you a line. Yeah
I'm pretty tired myself, but it
seemed like it was worth staying up for, at least i thought so.
okay hope you get some much
needed sleep.


There is no need to fear meeting up with someone in a bookstore. Least of all a someone that knows books inside and out. You can’t fake having read a book that someone else has read. Meaning he claimed to have read a book and then we compared questions and he did indeed read it.

Besides…rapists don’t frequent bookstores.

I’m not afraid. Of course the convenience store guy…he gives me the creeps but he has stopped calling. The silence is far worse.

I have forgiven husband because I’ll go absolutely insane if I don’t. And besides. He forgave me once upon a time for things I did.

When you have a diary you slam everyone but yourself. Remember that…..

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