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Sunday, Jun. 05, 2005
The absolute best thing I ever did was buy Chloe a Blue’s Clues red chair. She loves it. Love love love’s it. I swear she’s Chewie Louie’s (fuzzy-grey.diaryland) long lost twin because she seems to love the way I smell too. Several times throughout the night I have to move her from between my legs so that I can roll over without decapitating her. She scooches her way WAY up there. She loves it there. I always thought it was the warmth she was after. I have long joked that she is going to write a book titled “Mommy’s Ass is the shiz’nit” because that’s all she cares about when I am home. When I am not home she rolls herself up like a hot dog in a bun within the comforter on the couch or curls up in a ball head tucked in just like Chewie does. When I am not home she barely gives Rick the time of day unless she is reduced to complete loneliness and he’s asleep on the couch. But hands down my ass is the ass of her preference.

Each morning when I leave the bed to take a shower, she does not move. Right before I leave I remove her from the bedroom (that is carpeted and is closed off to her for the day) and give her a big blanket on the couch and help her re-roll herself. Now THAT is doggie love. When you re-organize your dog’s warmth factor while she’s a limp heated mass in your arms. She always looks up at me with a “I hate you for moving me out of the bed…but I’m going to forgive you because you try real hard to make up for it” look on her face.

She curls up against my lower back and I have often been awoken at night to her licking my sweat soaked lower back. Yes, I sweat a lot at night, hence the added benefit of a sweat licker within the bed with you.

Chloe curls up against my hands when I’m doing homework on my laptop. She places her head on my left hand and dozes off. Even through the typing. It’s as if that slight movement in my wrist rocks her to sleep. It amazes me that she can do this. I of course have not been able to capture a picture of it because it is MY hand that she’s dozing on.

Chloe will occasionally pee on the floor but is too good to pee on hard cold tile, so she pees on my bathroom carpet. I tolerate this because I love her to death. I love her more than I’ve ever loved a non-human. I wash the carpet frequently and am glad she doesn’t pee on the leather furniture and equally glad that she’s s teeny tiny dog with a rather small bladder vs. a huge dog with a pee gallon jug between her legs.

The best thing about Chloe? That little soft spot right behind her ear where Mommy smoochies on her every single time she is close by. I love that dog so much it’s impossible to measure.

This is the picture that is on the face of my cellphone at all times. She looks like she’s smiling and like she’s going to jump right through the screen. She’s my mun chee chee. (as in my munchie...if I was going to munch on sweets...she's better than any cookie) She's my daily sweetness.

edit to this post: Chloe decided to prove me wrong....and has been hangin' with her Dad most of the afternoon. Picture blurry because my cellphone needs charged up.....but the Digital Camera needs a new battery....gah...

that is also photographic proof that my man always unbuttons his jeans and shorts when he's hangin' out at home. ;-)
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