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Monday, Jan. 26, 2004
Some pictures as promised.

Nice eh? Clean....uncluttered...simple....ahhhh. Oh and quiet too.

There's my truck outside the window where I can keep a close eye on things. No more getting drenched if it rains in Florida.

Gotta love a 19 inch screen at work. I rejoice in this because at the collection job I had a 1975 13 inch nasy motherf*$@*er.

I had a nice day at work. Slow but nice. I'm pretty darn sure I found my home for quite some time. My bosses are nothing but very nice...

I don't know if I previously mentioned this but I'm working for two companies and not one. A hightech I.T. company and a health related company. I signed my non-complete contract with the I.T. company today.

That's my spaghetti dinner BF made for me tonight. He's soo sweeeet.
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