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my night tonight not like last night

Saturday, Jun. 01, 2002
I went to the concerts today. Remy Zero was rained out totally. Never even saw em. I got drenched and cold and then half dried and took a longhot bath tonight…more tomorrow when I’m awake….but two convo’s I had tonight…

Bry: so how was your day?

PoeticaL: was great

PoeticaL: saw the band perform my stuff twice in one day

Bry: what all did you do?

PoeticaL: went to the taste of pinellas

PoeticaL: ate tons of food from the area

PoeticaL: it's like a festival and you buy tickets.....food tickets and then walk through booths redeeming tickets for food...you can try new and unusual stuff for fairly cheap

Bry: did you go shopping?

PoeticaL: yeah

Bry: buy new clothes?

PoeticaL: I bought a new shirt to wear tonight....and I bought a few other non-important things including a nice new bra

PoeticaL: and it's a good thing too cause it rained and i got wet and you could see my bra....so at least it was a pretty one

Bry: oh ok

PoeticaL: and then I went to Jannus Landing which I thought was a field...wrong

PoeticaL: it's like a stage they set up in the middle of the street.....a cool looking street too.....and it's outside and way nifty and I watched the Gin Blossoms and ya know what?

Bry: no i don't know what.....

PoeticaL: the Gin Blossoms....have great CD's....I have em all....I love em......but.....THEY SUCK IN CONCERT!!!!!

PoeticaL: the lead singer just stands there and sings like he's bored out of his mind with the whole deal

PoeticaL: therefore I was BORED

Bry: i see

PoeticaL: but the band....the guys....way kewl

PoeticaL: the place was packed.....

PoeticaL: they told the crowd what Pop a Pill was about and said "the lyricist....Kristy is in the crowd....where are ya....stand up and show the crowd who you are.....ahhh there she is.....give her a round of applause for this next kick ass song...it's hers!!!!" or something like that…

PoeticaL: all way kewlness

Bry: cool bejewel

PoeticaL: and they all signed his t-shirt and wrote stuff like "rock on Bucky" "party young bud!" and made him feel like a star....

PoeticaL: he's passed out

Bry: cool

PoeticaL: on his bed

PoeticaL: teehee

PoeticaL: he was the only kid there

Bry: sounds like you had a full day

PoeticaL: yeah.....my feet hurt

Bry: shoulda wore comfy walking shoes

PoeticaL: I was exhausted but I got rained on so I had to come home and shower and shampoo my sticky hair...and now I got a second wind

PoeticaL: I did

Bry: oh ok

PoeticaL: just a lot of walking

Bry: so why do your feet hurt?

Bry: sounds like you need better shoes

PoeticaL: sometimes even good walking shoes aren't enough

Bry: if you have the right ones they should be enough

PoeticaL: well...they weren't

Bry: hmmm

PoeticaL: yeah hmmmm

PoeticaL: I'm goin to see Foreigner tomorrow night

Bry: where at?

PoeticaL: at that taste of pinellas fair

PoeticaL: $3 per person to get in

PoeticaL: that's it

Bry: they still performing huh?

PoeticaL: I suppose so

PoeticaL: but no one seems to know if Lou Gramm will be there or what

Bry: hmmm

PoeticaL: yeah I'd like to know first...but no one knows

Bry: i'd think so....

PoeticaL: me too but I'll be pissed if not

PoeticaL: I just love his voice

PoeticaL: I cut my musical teeth on Foreigner

PoeticaL: I listened to Foreigner 4 til I was blue in the face

Bry: musical teeth? lol

PoeticaL: yup

PoeticaL: laugh if you must but Lou Gramm taught me what makes a good song good

PoeticaL: I totally miss the days of "keyboard" rock

Bry: what exactly is "keyboard rock"?

PoeticaL: Foreigner

Bry: they are the only example?

PoeticaL: um.....hmm....flock of seagulls

PoeticaL: asia

PoeticaL: alan parsons project

PoeticaL: all of em

Bry: what about pink floyd?

PoeticaL: *shrugs*

PoeticaL: I don't like them

PoeticaL: so I don't know

Bry: i see

PoeticaL: cept the song "wish you were here" i love that song

And simultaneously I talked to the infamous “him” …. (“him” Paisley…he went to see “him” Paisley alone and Linda is “his” new girlfriend and I finally don’t really give a rat’s ass about any of it except for a passing idle curiosity…)

“him”: how was your night

PoeticaL: awesome..thanks

“him”: i just got back

“him”: “him” put on a kewl show

“him”: Linda moped tonite and said gee i wish i knew you were going i would of gone with

PoeticaL: why didn't you invite her?

“him”: i asked her 2 weeks to check on the tickets

“him”: Shes home this week spending time with her kids

PoeticaL: who went with you?

“him”: this guy==========>ME

PoeticaL: alone?

“him”: ya

PoeticaL: with chicks flinging their hair in your face?

“him”: yep

PoeticaL: tsk tsk.....Linda needs talking to

“him”: her own fault

PoeticaL: yeah

PoeticaL: I agree

“him”: im tired everytime i look forward for a weekend its gets fucked up

“him”: this time it wasnt gonig to get fucked up

PoeticaL: true

PoeticaL: if you plan it yourself...

“him”: well i told her about 2 weeks ago

“him”: check on tickets and let me know how much

PoeticaL: that's what I did...I got all the tickets....I got all the info....

“him”: if she would of done that then i would gotten her a ticket and we would of stayed in myrtle beach tonite at a hotel

PoeticaL: why didn't she do it? do you know?

“him”: ya

“him”: i know

PoeticaL: kids?

“him”: her x husband has a big job in raleigh and told her she needs to watch the kids

“him”: she always lets other ppl fuck her over

“him”: i get sick of it

PoeticaL: sounds like it

“him”: im not holding my breathe

PoeticaL: I understand it in a way cause I used to be so much like that once....but I don't understand it cause she's been divorced long enough that.....it should be past that.

“him”: should be

“him”: but for 4 years shes been doing what everybody else says because its easier than to get into arguments

PoeticaL: what's her sign?

“him”: star sign

PoeticaL: yes

“him”: the middle finger what else

PoeticaL: lol

“him”: Cancer

“him”: cancers must be a bunch of pussies

PoeticaL: GEMINI & CANCER: - The Moon child is far too moody and sensitive for your fickle ways. You are not a homebody like the Crab. You have totally different interests then a Cancer.

“him”: bullsquash

PoeticaL: you need an aquarius

“him”: or libra

“him”: or gemini

PoeticaL: *shrugs*

PoeticaL: I dunno what you need

“Bucky” and “husband” are passed out….I’m going to go pass out too!!!! Oh one last thing…they did my song “To have grew too old” and oddly enough Rob rearranged the song and it’s all slanted and strange and I dunno about it quite yet. I have mixed feelings but it’s a love song not a “I hate you and want a divorce song” like I intended at the time. (wrote while living in my apartment alone and angry) and it’s a juxtaposition that he changed it around to sing “to have and to hold, a love that never grows too old” and here I am and here we are back together at the concert tonight swaying to the song together.

God intervenes in mysterious ways. He asked me how I liked it…and to be honest….I don’t know yet…..it’s like my idea is floating there somehow but I don’t know. I thing I’d say we co-wrote this one without ever being in the same room. I dunno…it’s not like Pop a Pill was. I guess every song is going to be different. Every writing project a new experience….


pssst....Josh you were right about the gin blossoms.....I think....they were...he did the same grunge move from the early 90's and it just contains the "put your foot on the amp in front of you and lean over into the mic and sing with an angst look on one's face" scenario. And worse yet all verbal exchanges with the crowd just seemed to be so damned rehearsed.... ick. "Bucky" was falling asleep on the bench and so we opted to leave after a nice rendition of "Found Out About You" that they did manage to belt out. They are a "CD owning only" band. Not a "live extravaganza" band. 'nuff said. G'night!

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