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Sunday, Jan. 08, 2006
Today I fell in love with a diamond ring that is a heart shaped ring that is made up of 3 different shaped stones to make up the heart shape…very unique. It’s a one of a kind and I don’t have the cash for it…I hope it’s still there after I save up the money….. (it’s the one in the center….thankfully NOT the $2999 one….but still quite pricey…. I see NO books in my near future as I save for this bling bling…..

Tonight I took my son out to eat dinner at Tijuana Flat’s. I love the ambiance in the place because there are lights strung up along the ceiling and everything is painted in cheerful and bright colors and the food is awesome….that is if you like Mexican food…..I’m still learning how to use my Sidekick camera….

And can someone out there tell me what in the heck is “high tech” dental floss????

I titled this next picture “Chloe KISS” She loves her brother…

But of course he loves her right back..

You will know that you’re child is growing up far too fast when he knows WHAT a vibrator is upon sight and tells you “I know you want the pink one.” lol because “pink” is my favorite color lately….do not go into Spencer’s with a 13 yr old…it might make you miss your toddler…

I started to listen to my new audio book today while I had Keith in the car. During the first scene the main character adopts a doggie from the pound…it’s a great scene…we were happy when she took the dog. ;-) Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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