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Friday, Oct. 25, 2002
I got Madprophets poetry book in the mail. Talk about cool. Itís very! Thank you! One noteÖ. No daisies?? ;-(

Today is Nevada. Nevada has been profitable. Nevada might pay 1/4th of the way. I like that I am out succeeding my own expectations, but even more than that I love that Iím still not satisfied and that I want more out of myself.

Itís amazing how some businesses just happen. Itís amazing how checks just show up in the mail. They are far more interesting than bills, no matter what color paper theyíre on.

On the personal front, Iím bidding on something and Iím excited to see if it works out. If it does, then I know itís a good omen. I have a deep seeded feeling about karma. I know I am on the right path.

What amazes me is when you are down, people want to kick you. When you crawl up on a tower then people want to aim airplanes of destruction at your success.

My pond ripples at the pebble throwing. I can still see the reflection of the future and itís a beautiful thing. I know where Iím going to be. I have a picture in my mind, I will take a picture of it one day with a brand new digital and put it right here.

Iím driving a red sports car. Buckyís eating a sloppy vanilla ice cream cone dripping down his chin. Heís holding my backpack instead of his, and weíre listening to a demo of mommyís spoken word poetry. The sun is shining and weíre going to a new beach to check it out further up the coast. Heís wearing a smile and a wet suit. I just bought him a new boogie board.

Iím driving there in my mind. I have plans. They donít include abandonment. They do include love.


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