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new small ass pants

Monday, May. 10, 2004
Tonight I pulled on my smallest pants. My Old Navy pants. (yeah Sandy knows what I’m talking about here…) and it doesn’t matter if no one else is excited…if no one else is as excited as me. It doesn’t matter because I know how much willpower and work it all took. I know what I’ve had to do to get to this point. And I am ecstatic. And I’m not done, not even close, but this is a huge milestone in the land of me.

Here’s my new Nine West shoes...(I now wear a half size smaller in those too!!)

They were only ….

Here’s my new shirt and my Old Navy pants I bought at thrift months ago when I was too big to wear em.

Yah they really are Old Navy pants...:-)

The other day on the way to work it was ….gross…

really gross…

And the other day…Chloe was “doing dishes”…teehee…

Tomorrow I’m wearing my pants and a smile and hopefully it won’t rain while my friend can tell me all about being in bed warm and snug as a bug…..
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