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Thursday, May. 30, 2002
Today I feel better. Amazing what 15 hours of sleep will do for ya. Ahhhh….

Last night I went home and took a long hot bath, finished reading “Bread Alone”. It had a very typical ending. The book is great, the ending…too Harlequin for me. So now I’m reading Cranberry Queen – Kathleen Demarco. I’m on page 41 and I can already tell what’s going to happen. She’s going to meet Mr. Right and ….you get it. I hate this. Why can’t anyone write a book about something other than “man comes along midway through the book and makes girl happy”. Why can’t girl be happy just because she’s happy?

Ok ok…so….Clockwork Orange is…well…it’s on my dresser in my bedroom staring at me with it’s giant eyes causing me much “Strack”.

So now the countdown begins. One day away from Blue Joules!! Yeeehawww… One more day… I’m glad I feel better because I don’t want to be sick for that. I think that if you’re sleep deprived and you even start to get a flu bug….you’re done for. I decided to get tons of sleep even though I wasn’t tired. But then again, once I lay down…I was out. Out like a light!!

That poem from yesterday was rather gruesome. I think cause I was feeling like shit about everything. When I’m sick I start to get really dark all over…inside and out. I was just picturing a bad scene for a fairytale turned nightmare. I have this whole story in my head. I should sit down and write it out. It’s right there, I’m just too lazy lately. This morning I put on my black pants…the smallest size in my closet and they’re feeling snug so tonight I’m doing the 2 mile walking away the pounds and I ate an omelet and water…water water…I’m back on the diet treadmill. I don’t like feeling snug, I’m back. I don’t care if Dr. Atkins had a heart attack. I’m putting that out of my mind. I am I am…. Well, maybe it’s all in my mind. I just stood up to walk across the office and sharpen my pencil and they don’t feel tight, but …I don’t like that fear. So I’m back to eating cheese, and water water..water. And I have my decaf coffee…Splenda…and…you get the picture…. *sigh*

And I need a haircut. I’m having to blow my bangs out of my face today…grrr. I swear..my hair grows so fast that I can’t even keep up but then it gets to a certain length in the back and it quits growing. I don’t get it…

I think the tight pants is all in my terrified to gain back mind. And nope…I need no stupid Loki remarks regarding this, bellsouth wouldn’t like knowing you’re utilizing their service just to be rude to me. I am a fuller figured hourglass shaped 5’5 blue-eyed sandy brown haired beautiful woman!!

ok…that was enough for even me to say FUCK what’s Diaryland doing to me? Oh yeah one last thing..why does everyone get a diary at diaryland and then one day happily announce that they found somewhere better than diaryland?? Why? My opinion….get outta here …see ya! LOL…

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