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Thursday, Dec. 04, 2003
Tonight I'm very angry.

Tonight I hate him.

I've hated him plenty of other nights in my life.

Tonight I am having forensic science thoughts.

He filed a motion in court for contempt of court.


someone didn't mail in my divorce class certificate.

He's asking the court to revoke all visitation with my son.

Tomorrow I want to get my own attorney and

file against him because my child was not with

me for Thanksgiving....he's in contempt of court too.

Instead I'll probably call him.

Mail a copy of the certificate to the court.

Go to court.

End up paying court fees.

Or in the very least find out that his girlfriends notary public

stamp on a mumbo jumbo piece of important looking paper

doesn't mean jack.

Because I would think that if it was official then the mailman

just might have made me actually sign for the certified mail.

Dont'cha think????

In the very least an official document would not have been "type in the empty lines" so crappily as this appears.

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