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Monday, Sept. 09, 2002
t: ?

t: must be in bed?

t: oh well....maybe tomorrow

t: love you ....

t: :X

t: bye

me: nope

me: i'm here

t: ok

me: was on the phone

t: ok

t: so what you been up to?

me: heard my pc beeping....came over

me: lol

t: so what have you been up to?

me: nothing much

me: was stuck at home all day today

t: what else

me: no car... :(

me: something's wrong with it

t: whats that?

me: something electrical

me: its sucking all the power from the battery when you turn the headlights on

me: strangeness

t: really...sounds like a short....should be able to find it with a multi meter

me: towing it to the garage tomorrow

me: not gonna waste forever trying to figure it out myself

t: true

me: so how are you?

t: me ...

me: yes ...lol... YOU

t: been busy...

me: noticed

t: spent all day yesterday trying to ..

t: configure HP OpenView to recognize the SNMP MIBs with in the Circut Switches...

t: and...

t: corolate that information into a visual representation on the workstation

me: yeah i did the same thing today...

t: really?

me: yup

me: lol

t: asoo what did you come up with...did it work?

me: i found out i'm brilliant and the outcome was wonderful

t: so how did you do it?...

t: becasue I can not get the IP map to recognize the interfaces :D

me: well I just corolated the information into a visual representation on the workstation

t: how so...

t: when the inserted links do not come up as SNMP managable objects

me: introduce the IP map to the interfaces personally, then they will recognize each other on command in the future

t: right

me: lol

t: what else you been doing...

me: looking for someone to talk to

t: reading your web pages it sounds like you have been running

me: how come?

t: 23 minutes?

me: say what?

t: one of your poems was about "23 minutes"

me: i'm lost here

t: nevermind...

t: so how goes the running?

t: :D

me: lol

me: slow

me: tortorous

t: fun?

me: phhhft

t: I'lll take that as a yes

me: lol

t: now is it really that bad?

me: yes

t: again, now is it really that bad?

me: yes

t: I know you really mean "not really":D

me: phhhft

me: i lost my clouds on quix…

t: I'll take that as an of course

t: I saw

me: i was......kyping

me: meaning I was interlinking to someone else

me: who apparently nixed their clouds

t: now you got to find more clouds

me: but alas...I am so smart..... I have the clouds on my pc saved and have a free server to host em....

t: good girl

me: *shrugs*

me: i like that layout

me: did I ever tell you that I had a cloud ceiling on my bedroom in the other house....

t: me too

t: nope

me: well I did

me: it was the sky

me: and I wrote on it

t: cool

me: just like quix

t: cool

me: people used to walk in there and get a kink in their neck

t: LOL

t: looking at the cieling

me: yes

me: it was funny

t: :;-)

me: i'd tell em to lay on the bed

t: yep

me: they'd say no

me: i'd walk away

me: come back

me: they're on the bed

t: LOL

me: i miss that ceiling

t: sounds like it

me: shrugs

me: its on quix now

t: :D

me: and I save em

me: on my pc

me: so if that server ever goes

me: i still have it all

t: good I de

t: Idea

me: yup

me: gotta keep all that stuff

t: true

me: someday i won't be able to write

t: why not?

me: i'll run out of stuff to say

t: I doubt that

me: it could happen

me: i haven't been writing

t: why not?

me: in a funk

t: maybe you should go for a run :D

t: ?

me: lol

me: real funny

t: why

me: dunno

me: cause its midnight here

t: true...

t: I guess you have to get up early to run then :D

me: http://img1.ranchoweb.com/images/….

me: they're back

me: the sky is intact

t: cool

me: all is well with the world again

t: LOL

t: we got attacked here yesterday

me: too bad i don't have anything to write

me: i've been seeing all sorts of stuff on the news....

me: tried to walk away from it as much as possible

t: :D

me: its hard to watch

me: its like i've grown this "numb" defense

me: and now i don't feel anything

t: it doesn't bother me though...

t: I didnt even find out about the attack until this morning

t: :D

me: well geez

t: all I heard was a couple of explosions and that is all

me: well thats good

t: phonw brf


t: wb

me: thanks

me: i had my pc on most of the day....so it was running slowwww

t: ok

t: better now

me: bucky had a tae kwon doe competition yesterday

t: did he win?

me: nope

t: maybe next time

me: it was his first one so....

me: His spar match went something like this….








kick received in the head

time out






kick kick kick kick

t: ok

me: yeah he got kicked in the head

t: wow is he ok?

me: and he still struck his fight stance and got right back in there

t: cool

me: he's a tough guy

me: he had his safety gear on

me: head gear, chest gear, shin guards

t: good...the right size

t: ?

me: of course

t: ;-)

me: but.....

t: ...

me: he complained all day that his "cup" was too small.

me: typical guy

t: I hate that...

me: he'd say that and then laugh..... its not too small...he's just being a smartie

me: already

t: maybe...

me: he's just not used to it

me: he gets whacked in the head and he was slowed down after that

me: but still scored points

t: good

me: and he did breaking

me: breaking wood

me: he busted his 2 pieces of wood

me: one with his hand

me: the other with his foot

t: cool

t: cool

me: he got a bronze for sparring and a bronze for breaking

t: good

me: yeah it was cool

me: all day yesterday...

t: it was cold here last night

me: white jammies all over FSU arena

me: awww were you cold baby?

t: nope...just when I got out of the sleeping bag

me: i coulda warmed you up

t: ;-)

me: i dunno though

me: i can't have those thoughts anymore

t: why? because I could die here?

me: no...

me: although it doesn't help that you said that

t: ;-)

me: more like I don't think you have room in your life for me

t: *shrugs* whys that....too busy?

me: too far away...too busy....too ....tooo.....toooo

t: ;-(

t: sorry

me: why be sorry

me: its just reality

t: ;-(

me: i'm not mad at you ...its not like that

t: ok

me: there's nothing for me to be mad about

me: just the way things are

me: i put that song I was talking to you about on bleeding

me: did you hear it?

t: nope...dont have the headphones right now

me: k

me: you ok?

t: yep

me: you got all quiet

t: *shrugs*

me: how come?

t: dont know

me: ok maybe i need to explain

me: myself

me: let me start by saying this

me: t?

t: ?

me: i love you

me: nothing changed that

me: i dont' think anything ever will

t: k

me: i just... we got really close....and then ... you were....

t: gone

me: i didnt' want to say gone

me: because you weren't really gone

me: you were working and thats normal and you didn't do anything

t: ok

me: i just.... its me

me: i got close to you

me: maybe too close...too fast

t: ok

me: does this make any sense to you?

me: i just....

t: yes it does

me: i missed you so much

me: like

me: i just found myself sitting all by myself alone anywhere...just wanting nothing but you

t: ok

me: say something to me besides ok

me: because i'm not kicking you to the curb...i'm not telling you i don't want you in my life...

t: I know...

t: but there are times that I will be called away...

me: i know that too

t: and I might not have the chance to tell you...

me: yes i know that too

t: I have just accepted it as part of the job...

t: boy that made me sound like an ass

me: lol

t: it did though

me: t

t: yes?

me: just tell me something

t: something

me: grrr

me: tell me..... tell me if you could have it be anyway you wanted it to be.... what do you want from me?

t: I would want you to be you....

t: that is it

me: ok

me: then... part of that is .... your the first person that just understands me ..and when you're gone i'm sorry but i remember the way it was before you.....because there is a void

t: what can I say?

t: nothing really..other than I will come back

me: i know....

me: you don't have to say anything

me: i don't think its a bad thing to be missed

t: no it isn't

t: but it is almost time for shift change.

me: ok

t sorry about that..

t: i know ....grrrrr

t: no sorries

t: so I appologize for that ok

me: lol

t: so you get some sleep ok?

me: i just....when you were gone... I started to think you were one big giant dream...

t: nope I am not a dream...

t: I am just me

me: lol

me: that's not what I meant

t: just the troll boy...with a small yeah

t: but I need to go walk the monster before shift change ok

me: ok baby

me: you don't have a small...yeah

me: so shuddup

t: so get some sleep

me: nope ...can't

me: but go ahead and go...

me: i'm ok

t: sure?

me: i have to be ok you know that..

t: ok I will talk to you later princess

t: I love you Kristy

t: ;-)

t: byes

me: i love you right front

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