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Friday, Oct. 06, 2006
Has anyone else noticed that I barely update? Barely write? Oh I think about things in the shower that I could write about, I even think about them in the car and wish I could talk/type from afar. But then when faced with the blank open page….nothing. It is precisely then that I have guilt trips about papers left to write, school work left to read and friend’s emails gone unanswered.

Work is work…crazy busy and never ending sources of stress, joy and engagement. I’m always busy here. It’s the morning hour whereby I sip coffee, try to regroup, wake up and try to write something here.

Rick is busy, he worked a lot of hours this week already and still has today and tomorrow to work. He brought home a new pillow top mattress and bed spring. Brand new. Someone else buying things that they never use. This was in a guest room. I’ve slept on this mattress twice now and it’s bliss. I’m not having anymore sleeping issues. Lets hope he doesn’t bring anymore mattresses home because this was the second brand new one in less than 6 months. The only bad thing is right now I have a six month old mattress and box springs leaning against a wall in my dining room. *shrug* can’t beat a boy up over these things…..

See…there really is nothing for me to tell…..how boring was this. Soon I’ll tell you what I’m going to have for lunch and when I’m leaving work to go home…so I’m out.

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