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Thursday, Apr. 13, 2006
This morning I noticed that my front door has huge gaps in it even though itís fully closed, latched and locked! I never noticed just how bad it was until this morning when I saw all the sunshine coming in thru the gaps. It was so strange to me I had to take a picture. I know precisely why this is. Itís because the apartment complex that I live in completely remodeled everything and well, itís hard to refit a door and so they just, well it would appear from the sunshine that can leak in that they just didnít fit it well at all.

Tonight for dinner I made Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage, a Rachel Ray recipe. It turned out very very good. Too bad the man wasnít home from work yet to eat. :-( But, I saved a lot for him. Iím a good wife like that. I used Maple Breakfast sausage sold in a tube for $2.99. It turned out very yummy!!
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