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our first fight :-(

Monday, Mar. 17, 2003
Rick and I had our first fight on Friday night….I told Brad about it…it’s far easier to post this chat than to explain it all again.

“me”: hi!

“him”: hey kristy

“me”: what's up?

“him”: nothing but rains coming down pretty good

“me”: damn

“me”: not here

“him”: im kicking back with a 24 oz beer and chatting

“me”: i see

“him”: helping some dumb ditz put a pic on her profile

“me”: lol

“me”: is she an ugly ditz?

“him”: naaaaa

“him”: she lives in sansford

“me”: NC?

“him”: no USSR

“him”: yeah NC

“me”: bradism

“him”: hehe

“me”: geesh

“me”: lol

“him”: keeps you on your toes

“me”: true

“me”: what kind of beer?

“him”: tall can of ice house

“me”: i see

“me”: drinking alone?

“him”: yeah

“him”: if i wasnt i wouldnt be on the computre

“him”: er

“me”: true

“me”: so how's the girlfriend thing going?

“me”: and.....I have another question

“me”: do you get mean, happy...etc or what when you drink?

“him”: pretty good, she did lie though

“him”: she has a kid

“me”: UGH

“him”: joint custody

“me”: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“me”: big lie

“me”: damn it

“me”: fucking people!

“him”: i dont know why ppl think they are going to gain by lieing

“me”: Rick lied to me too

“me”: last night

“him”: about what

“me”: I'm aggitated as fuck about it

“me”: he has a few scars on his chest etc

“me”: i asked about them awhile back

“me”: apparently ....he was in a bad crack deal

“him”: got knifed

“me”: a crack deal gone bad

“me”: nope

“me”: shot

“me”: in the stomach

“me”: twice

“him”: ouch

“me”: his brother Randy told me

“me”: cause last night I took Rick to the Blue Joules show

“me”: he was drinking

“me”: first time ever

“me”: he had two shot of golschlager

“him”: that might something hed rather not talk about

“me”: and........

“me”: thennnn

“him”: that aint your business

“me”: he gets all fucking weird on me

“me”: uncontrollable

“me”: I bring him home and he's asking Randy to go get him some crack

“me”: but doesn't know I heard him

“me”: then I ask him "did you ask Randy to go get you some crack?"

“me”: he says "no Kristy, I didn't."


“me”: I heard his ass asking

“me”: this morning....he totally didn't remember shit

“him”: he shouldnt drink

“me”: Randy told me "yeah he drinks...he does stupid shit"

“me”: yeah thats what Randy says

“me”: so now Rick says "I don't remember anything after I got in the truck so how can you think I lied when I don't remember shit?"

“him”: true

“me”: yeah well it still felt like shit

“me”: and i left the apartment and stayed with my friend Diane last night

“me”: i did my share of being lied to

“him”: he has drinking problem

“me”: no he doesn't

“me”: he hasn't gone drinking all this time

“him”: yeah he does

“me”: I took him

“me”: he doesn't drink ...but when he does..he gets all fucked up

“him”: just because he doesnt drink all the time.....when he does he gets stupid....thats a drinking problem

“me”: i agree

“me”: just saying he's not an alcoholic

“him”: i went to enough fucken AA meetings to support my worthless brother

“me”: incidentally...... did your girlfriend think she could hide her child in the closet?

“him”: i dont know what she thought

“me”: well I'm sorry she lied to you

“me”: sorry to hear that Brad

“him”: now she says 50/50 with her ex

“me”: how old is the kid?

“him”: 5

“me”: OMG!

“me”: a major brat age

“him”: yeah lol

“me”: so now what?

“him”: i have decisions to make

“me”: yeah read the deal over and decide

“me”: Rick=no alcohol or I'm getting the fuck out of dodge

“him”: its what caused him all his problems in the first place

“me”: exactly

“him”: is he too stupid to see that

“me”: no he knows

“him”: what kind of redneck is he

“me”: and it's partially my fault..no one really explained the problem to me and I took him out and got him drunk

“him”: no one forced it down his throat

“me”: i know that

“him”: he aint 5

“me”: i'm thinking that part of it all over right now

“me”: hahahahaha ....aint 5....lol

“him”: still serving jail time youd think that would be reminder

“me”: he's done

“him”: shudd up

“me”: last weekend was his last one

“me”: he sure forgot how bad it was fast eh?

“me”: i sure know how to pick em eh?

“him”: shrugs

“me”: <----*smacks self in head*

“him”: i wasnt looking

“me”: neither was I

“me”: i was introduced by a mutual friend...ended up homeless....and voila

“me”: add water..instant relationship

“him”: i never majored in chemistry

“me”: i'll be alright

“him”: the fuck of it is........she was right

“me”: right?

“me”: about?

“him”: bev said she knew i wouldnt have anything to do with her if i knew she had kids

“me”: yeah well...you know now

“me”: did she think she could slide a brat in unnoticed?

“me”: doh

“him”: lol i dont know

“him”: i think she wanted to buy time

“me”: "oh no Brad....that's just like a cat....only it's a CHILD instead"

“me”: buy time for what?

“me”: win you over...then display her baby dna project?

“him”: for me to get to know her

“him”: yep

“him”: some shit like that

“me”: stupid girl

“him”: you dont find many girls my age that hasnt been married or doesnt have a kid

“me”: exactly

“me”: but seems you don't find fucking any that don't lie either

“him”: they all hoes

“me”: lol

“me”: do you like her a lot?

“him”: shes a good person but i dont know her all her sides

“me”: yeah well I know one thing

“me”: she's a liar

“him”: yeah if she lied about that what else did she lie about

“me”: whatever other side there is.....doesn't erase that one

“me”: I've learned

“me”: I learned the hardest way ever

“me”: I met someone great and I fucked it all up by being a liar.

“me”: and I wigged the fuck out last night...because Rick stood there lying to me...of course he was swaying back and forth and I knew he was all sorts of fucked up on alcohol....but I will not tolerate a liar

“me”: the only thing that saved his ass is that this morning he really didn't remember shit

“him”: the thing was when somebody is under the influence of alcohol ........they aint themselves

“him”: asshole dont need booze he can lie up a storm on the spot

“me”: that and he started crying telling me "I'm not a liar Kristy..I'm not I swear"

“me”: Rick's not a bad guy....I do know that...

“me”: its just having him stand there and lie to me didn't go over well with me because of all the lying shit from asshole for years

“me”: you are right...when you say a divorcee is all sorta fucked up in the head for life

“him”: but did rick ever lie to you when he was sober?

“me”: no never

“me”: not about anything

“him”: there you have it

“him”: he has an alcohol problem

“me”: and today when I asked him about the crack deal he was upfront and gave me the same story that Randy told me last night

“him”: damn i gotta help this girl with her pic she just pm me

“me”: he said he's not proud of it, he was young and stupid and had a problem and gets stupid when he drinks...then said he wasn't going to drink around me again

“him”: he shouldnt drink

“him”: problem solved

“me”: i agree

“me”: it's always something isn't it?

“him”: i need to go

“me”: i want a good damn deal to work with

“me”: ok...seeya

“him”: take care

“me”: have fun with the 5 yr old

“him”: bye

“me”: bye

Note: the crack deal gone bad was ten years ago, Rick doesn’t have a drug problem nor does he do crack. He also isn’t a heavy drinker and Friday night was the first night I ever saw him get drunk since I met him 2 months ago. When he’s drunk he’s not aware of what he’s doing, he blacks out and forgets everything too. It’s scary and I have mixed feelings about it. The main feeling, he shouldn't drink at all.

Rick and I talked through all of these things and we are completely fine. I just didn’t take well to being lied to after 12 yrs of it, but he was totally not even aware of it. He woke up the next day and remembered nothing about it at all.

Rick served weekend time for a disorderly conduct charge due to the last time he went out drinking. He’s not a violent person etc…

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