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Sunday, Apr. 18, 2004
In the last few days I read this book…..

I didn’t like this book.  I read it quickly and never stopped for some reason, perhaps because I thought it would surely get better, but it never did.  It’s about a woman losing her friend to a violent crime.  The killer is never found.  The surviving friend can’t cope with the loss of her friend well and has an affair with a man who comes to the aid of the victims family during their crisis.  IE he's a police liason who comes to help the victims family cope, he's there to help the main characters dead friends husband. However the main protaganist ends up sleeping with him and it's all sort of hazy as to why.


The main character is breastfeeding her child and there are so many f’n references to her doing this that it’s borderline insane.  I swear every other chapter was "my heavy breasts"  "late to feed the child" blah blah fucking blah!!!  This book had a great plot in theory but bad production when it came time to capture it all.


Later in the story the main protagonist loses her own daughter to an apparent drowning.  Her 9 yr old daughter believes she can see the original murder victim and drowns in the beach while trying to talk to the dead victim.  This happens while her Mommy is off f'n the cop liason dude.  But her husband claims he doesn't want to know about it and they eventually move away from the beachy town where all this dead and carnage occurs and she still thinks fondly of the cop liason guy.  This is all to unrealistic it makes me gag.


The most alarming part of this story is the depiction of the violence of the crime against the murder victim.  The murderer cuts out her heart and it’s never found again or maybe it is but the writer is never clear on this.  Only states that later on a bag is found containing an unidentified mass of bloody dried up ..mass.  She calls it a mass.  Never clear on that issue. 

This book bites.  Don’t waste your time.  Great cover, greater promise.  Big letdown.  Shame on you Julie Myerson..shame shame….


Yesterday I scrubbed the patio with spic and span and treated myself to sugar free and no carb CHAI. Scrummy!

Today I watched this movie…..

Chloe never left my side all morning….

Yesterday I went shopping and finally bought myself some dumbbells…..for cheap!

I also got a new curtain for the kitchen….I wanna paint in there if b.f. will let me….

I bought a new fluffy girly beach towel too..it’s so yummy feeling and looking…I’m crazy for pink this year…

I found a white purse and white sandals at the same time in the same store for under $30!!! Candies shoes and Nine West bag. Luv it!!!

This is the bathing suit I bought the other day…blue flower print…again with the feminine flowery girly’ness...and also 3 sizes smaller on the suit sizes! Go me!!!

It was on sale too….at an outlet store….original tags say…

This is the price I actually paid….

This is the red suit I bought yesterday that was only $19.95!!!

I also bought White Chocolate Mocha scented bath soap and body lotion…YUMMY so girly girly…..

All I need now is some more pink……..just like my new t-shirt in 2 sizes smaller since Feb! Go me!!!

Just when Chloe thought she was safe from my son dressing her in ridicules clothes…Mommy decided to capture the funniness that is her princess outfit….

Can’t you see the humiliation…it’s like all over her posture and doggie face…

The cutest part about it all is her nubbiness…

And just so no one calls “cruelty” on me….see she’s all better now….not even mad at me…

This entry just proves how much time I spend alone…..
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