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pimple daddy

Thursday, Oct. 07, 2004

Kwisty2k: he said yes
Sean: cool
Sean: how did u ask him
Kwisty2k: so someday i can tell you what to do and you have to listen
Kwisty2k: i just asked him....like a dork crying "will you marry me ...i love you"
Sean: ugh yah right
Kwisty2k: definitely right
Sean: oh ok thats kool
Kwisty2k: you should practice calling me "aunt kristy" right now
Sean: ill pass
Kwisty2k: in fact you should say "yes Aunt Kristy I would love to take out your trash for you"
Sean: yah right try again
Kwisty2k: i see you're gonna be a bratty nephew
Sean: thats right
Kwisty2k: i'm used to it, I have a bratty kid
Kwisty2k: i gave him a ring and everything
Sean: wait a minute if ur my aunt then that would make Bucky my cousin
Sean: kool
Sean: u know i all ready have a enough family
Kwisty2k: you don't want us?
Sean: naw its kool
Kwisty2k: Bucky would be your stepcousin i think or something
Sean: i was just playing
Kwisty2k: i don't know how that would work
Sean: let me guess ur at work
Kwisty2k: yup
Kwisty2k: always working
Sean: i had to help move all day
Sean: it sucked
Kwisty2k: sorry charlie
Sean: yah but it was a great work out
Kwisty2k: yah i bet you're all buff now
Sean: ooooo yah
Kwisty2k: little pimp daddy
Sean: yep thats me
Kwisty2k: uh..yah that or pimple daddy
Sean: not uh
Kwisty2k: lol
Kwisty2k: pimple daddy....that's a cute nickname for you
Sean: oki wat eva
Kwisty2k: lol
Kwisty2k: i'm tired, but then again i'm always tired
Sean: true
Kwisty2k: all R and I do is work...i hardly ever see him...
Kwisty2k: :-(
Sean: :-(
Sean: well i g2g
Sean: bye
Kwisty2k: bye
Kwisty2k: pimple daddy

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