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Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2003
It wasn’t his “parents” that he saw. And regardless of what you think it is a crime. It’s called “Lewd and Lascivious Behavior in the presence of a minor child” and in the state of Florida it is a crime, a felony no less. It doesn’t matter what YOU think, the law doesn’t agree with you.

“Non-physical sexual abuse encompasses a wide range of sexual behaviors including voyeurism (e.g., having a child masturbate in view of the adult), exhibitionism (e.g., the adult exposing themselves in view of a child), and verbal sexual abuse (e.g., sexual joking, sexual innuendos, sexual name-calling, grilling a child for sexual information after a date). Non-physical sexual abuse also occurs when parents display inappropriate sexual boundaries by having "noisy" sex or leaving the bedroom door open so that children can see. Another form of abuse that fits into this category is emotional sexual abuse which occurs when a parent's relationship with a child becomes more important than the parent's relationship with the spouse.”

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