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Sunday, Dec. 04, 2005
I have been away from work for exactly 11 days now and I do not want to go back tomorrow morning. As I sit here with one more week off of school (due to a well timed snafu that I’m pleased about…) looking at the Christmas tree lit up in the dark, I realize that I was quite cranky earlier this evening because I feel as though someone is ripping me away from my happy reverie a little too quickly. I want another glass of champagne. I want another piece of wedding cake. I want another day to look out over the horizon and feel overwhelming peace and happiness. I do not want to go back to day to day regularity…not yet.

Today was a day spent doing chores and laundry and the things that I find little pleasure in. I wish there was a way that I could find pleasure in the things that life insists must be done.

Today I felt a slow moving away from the last 11 days and back into the hustle of life….and I’m fighting it every moment. Tonight I’m going to spend a few minutes looking at the tree….trying to implant the memories of the last 11 days..in places where they can easily be retrieved and reviewed over and over again at will. I know the next month or so will be crazed and I will often want to remember the peace of a candlelit cabin in the rain…the warmth and serenity that filled those walls...
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