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Monday, Dec. 05, 2005
Today was a bad day..at work. One of those “how many times can we change the process because someone else doesn’t follow the protocol of their own process so we change and rearrange our process but we’re not the ones that messed up any processes in the first place, but now that we’ve changed our process and gotten used to our process, let us rearrange because you can’t arrange anything in the first place” days. I love my job…I love where I work….I just hate the process.

That and I got home and the man is working late…..

Strike two….

Perhaps a hot bath and book……and hopefully sometime tonight a hug from the man….for whom I would call but then I would only listen to his phone ring in the same room….because yet again he didn’t take it.

Yah remember last night…me talking about real life crashing in…

Yah it sucks like I thought it would….
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