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Rick's desk

Saturday, Mar. 18, 2006
Thanks to cosmic…(yah girl I’m shooting flames like a dragon from my mouth…that you pushed me to do this….lol) and the honest realization that his desk was entirely pretty gross…….Rick’s desk before…

And after cleaning it for 2 ½ hours….and YES it took me that long to wipe everything off, count office supplies, figure out what shit was, calculate things (ha!) and organize and clear out, etc.

You can see the entire commentary on the before…what I found and how I got from the before to the after ….here

If that man ever questions my love for him because I’m a lousy housewife…. I’ll remind him of this day. Now I gotta run out and get something to eat. You didn't really think I was going to make him dinner too...did you???
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