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Wednesday, Mar. 13, 2002
I bought a pair of black pants for the Christmas party. At the time they were tight across my stomach and so I had to wear a big green sweater to cover that problem up. This morning I put on “same” black pants and there’s a big huge gap in the waist in the back that I really need to put a clothespin or something on. I have no belt loops so I can’t string a belt on and it’s a problem. In fact when I sit down at work I have to sit back against my black “pleather” chair so that you can’t see my panties showing because of the gap. And my pants all of the sudden got 3 inches longer?!?!?! They were pedal pushers…now they are regular pants. Oddness. Oh and I wore a short sweater because there’s obviously nothing pulling across the front of my stomach anymore. My black leather sandals….well I had to pull the straps two notches tighter. Now even my feet? And did I mention that the sweater keeps falling off of my right shoulder because it’s also way too big now? The more weight I lose the more my undergarments seem to be screaming to see the light of day. This all reminds me of that movie I watched a go’zillion times as a child. “The Incredible Shrinking Women” starring Lilly Tomlin. I still remember how scary I thought it was when she fell down into the garbage disposal…..

I may be “truly pathetic” as Loki the mystery person keeps telling me..but I’m getting to be a “thinner” pathetic…truly!


Don’t miss the pic of “Bucky” in my previous entry….he’s sooo sweet… I totally love that digital cam “he” got me….

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