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i feel so sad....so sad its sickening and i wonder if theres a drug good enough for this...this..hellish nightmare

Thursday, Aug. 29, 2002
I canít stop crying.
Iíve tried for 3 hours now.
Just to stop that huffing noise.
Silence it.
It wonít be quieted by my lies anymore.

Iím thinking it doesnít matter.
If it did it would have mattered to someone
After I said, ďlets not play games just once.Ē

It sucks when you just want touched
So that you know you are still real.
Just so you know that you are.

Rejection once is bearable
Times two is heartbreaking.

Knowing that thereís someone that could sooth you
But isnít near
Is emotional torture

And this isnít a poem
It isnít brilliant
But itís all the fucking truth

I reach
I never find
I am lost
Listening to my sad mind

And the walls sigh
And the tears even lie
And I try to believe
Everything wonít leave

And all my thoughts turn to rhyme
But itís 2 a.m.
And this is the last stupid line

Iíll be ok
When the morning comes
God help me get thereÖ.
1:50 a.m. ::
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