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Tuesday, Aug. 06, 2002
Last night t and I got on the cam’s for the first time and …well… if you’re so inclined… (I personally think it would be boring to read if I was someone else…but hey *shrugs*.. everyone’s a voyeur. And ‘t’ doesn’t care who knows. ;-) and I can’t bear to delete it…


me: whats it like to have kristy right on your


t: :D

me: lol

me: your eyes are like glued

me: its not that interesting

me: but look i can't stop smiling

t: yes it is

me: and you're all mr stone face

me: how do you do that?

t: It took years of training

me: ahhhh

me: i gotta untrain ya

t: that and when you look mean...

t: people dont mess with you

me: hmmm

me: i don't have a mean face

t: nope

me: its beyond me

t: I do

me: i could try

t: nope

t: dont' do that

me: why?

t: beacue i said so

me: ok so was this all worth the wait?

t: YEA!

me: lol

me: yeah yeah sure

me: you say that to all ya cyber girlfriends

t: hmpf

t: not all of them

t: :>

me: you told tile lady she's hot too

t: LOL

me: grrrrrrrrrrrrr

me: don't say that stuff to me

t: she is on line right now trying to get me

me: "not alllll of em"

me: lol

t: LOL

me: poor ms. tile lady

t: yep

me: wants ya

t: :">

me: man my hairs all messy

t: hmpf

me: lol

me: it is though t

me: doesn't always look like this

t: it is going to look worst when I get done

with it


me: you're laughing at me

me: that's why

t: nope

t: not me

me: camera's

me: argh

me: like one giant eyeball checkin ya out

t: you looking all seductive there

me: nope

me: I am not

t: thats what i see

me: nope nope

me: awww

t: yep

t: yep


me: hey t

me: lookie

t: yes babe

t: :D

t: you are such a tease

me: I am?

me: nah

t: yes

me: come and get it

me: I never said no

t: sure rub it in even more

me: of course

me: I want you to talk around raging for me

me: for the next however many months

t: just wait...

me: promises promises

t: what comes around goes around

me: good

t: there is a reason you have a poetry book


me: that's not a threat to me

me: there is?

t: give me something to read while you are

tied up

me: lol

me: yeah yeah

me: as if you can concentrate on reading

me: you're so full of it

t: remember...

t: mr stone cold?

me: yup

me: hmm....we'll see


me: how come when you sit in front of a camera

your face gets itchy?

me: lol

t: LOL

t: it is normal

t: I think

me: shrugs

t: you are self concious about it

me: nah

me: whatever

me: take a long look....get your fill

me: you'll get over me

me: in time

t: is that possible?


me: my face is so itchy

me: grrrr

me: goofy

t: :)

t: nope

t: cute

me: so tell me something

t: what is that

me: do I look like you thought I would look?

t: nope...

t: bettter

me: c'mon

t: what?

me: nevermind

me: you'll just give me heck

t: yep

t: there is no way for you to win this


me: we'll find out when you can leave there

how you really feel and what you really think about me

t: hmpf

me: lol

me: stop with the hmpf

t: the only thing that will change is the

work schedual

me: lol

t: because I cant chat while at the office

me: yeah so when you can leave there where ya


t: Bragg

me: k

t: why?

me: just wondered

t: ypu have asked me before though

me: shhhhhhhhh

t: miss Forgetful tonight

me: move along

me: i had a reason

t: LOL

me: but never mind

t: why?

me: nope

me: moving along

t: why did you have a reason

me: shhhhh

t: why

me: nope

t: did you ask

me: nope

t: yes

t: yes

me: nope

me: nope

t: why

t: di

t: d

t: you

t: ask?

me: cause I did

t: hello

me: phhft

t: because why

me: i did and ou answered and now that's that

t: nope

me: yup

t: that is not that

me: yup

me: it is that

t: nope

me: yup

t: nope

me: yup

t: nope it isnt

t: thel me

t: tell mee

me: theres just a few x's on my screen to

click and poof....all done

me: don't do that

t: ;-)

me: make me feel guilty

t: hmpf

me: I asked cause I wanted to know

me: you answered

me: and so there

me: all nice and neat

me: done

t: i can be very stubborn

me: move along

t: nope

me: yup

me: argh

t: nope

me: yup

t: tell


me: thers nothing to tell you

me: i just wanted to know where you were going

when you leave there

t: yes there is

me: nope

me: you just think there is

t: the planes play into POPE AFB

me: two can play that game

t: fly into pope

me: there's nothing to tell

me: if there was I"d tell you

me: awwww its t eyes

t: tell me

me: c'mon t there's nothing to tell

t: :(

me: i just wanted to know where you were going

when you could leave there

t: ok

me: dont I have a right to ask you that?

me: to wanna know

t: yes you do

me: ok

me: but I don't live in Bragg

me: so then what

me: you gonna sit for months and months then

chatting to me

me: sending me emails

t: then visit you

me: you can't do that....it takes ya 7 years

to go see your own family

t: LOL

me: stop laughing at me

t: sure...

t: a guy doesn't see his parent for seven


t: and nobody forgets

me: lol

me: well...

me: ok...

me: put yourself in my shoes

t: and for you information young lady

me: what?

t: I was planing a trip today

t: so hmpf

me: a trip to where Mr ?

t: to the Tampa region of florida

me: hmmmm

t: that is 10 miles from St. Pete right

t: see..

me: yup

t: I even know the distance

t: so hmpf

me: t?

t: NEXT!

t: yes Kristy

me: i love you so much

t: I love you....

me: tell me i'm not nuts ..

me: tell me i'm not crazy for loving you

t: your not nuts

t: but you are crazy for loving me

t: :>

me: probably...

t: but One question...

me: sure what?

t: should I fly or should I drive?

me: what do ya wanna do?

t: be with you

me: awwww baby

me: you're gonna make me cry

t: nope

t: i wont

t: :)

me: no i mean ...right now

t: why

t: don't cry Princess

me: because...i dunno...because somehow you

always know how to just make me feel ok about all of

this when my minds racing and my hearts pounding and

I'm so afraid to tell you i wanna know if you think

about leaving there ...being able to see me....if you

think about it like I do every day

t: so should I fly or drive?

t: I think drive....

t: it is only about 12-13 hours


me: ya know you don't have to say this stuff

to get into my pants

t: I know....

t: but cant I say the truth?

me: as long as its the truth

me: cause I mean...

me: if ya just wanna get all funky with me for

a week and never see me again I'd do that T

t: ?

me: just dont' lie to me to get that

t: you think that I only want a week?

me: i don't know...

t: that would only give us time to do stuff


t: ;)

me: lol

me: ok ok so two weeks

me: then.... you'd be done

t: hmpf

me: what?

t: you are ever the optimist arn't you

t: no comment?

me: nah...

me: i'm not

me: too many scars t

t: I know babe...

t: and I am not going to be another

t: ok

me: ok...

me: its not you....

me: and just so ya know.... I don't want

anything ...I want it to be a good thing no matter

what that thing is.... I just want it to be all good

t: :)

t: you are a good thing

me: ty

t: so question

me: sure what?

t: I dont have to say all that stuff to just

"get iinto your pants"?

me: nope

t: boy.....

t: all that good material wasted....j/k

t: :D

me: lol

me: snot

t: what?

me: I figured you were writing a book

t: book on what babe?

me: needed to find out if it was "effective"

t: ha ha ha

me: "how to get some by typing out a thousand


me: across 7,000 miles

t: is it :>

me: for like maybe 7 months

t: LOL

me: just cause you have time to waste

t: hmpf

me: that would be the subtitle

t: hmpf...

me: "if you are stuck in afghanistan sweating

ya balls off read this"

t: if that was the case....

t: I would write how to surf www.titty.com

and not get caught

t: that is the best seller for afgahnastan

me: yeah I'm sure you know how to do that too

t: :>

t: :">

t: it is actuallly quite easy


t: how bout...

t: Whintergreen Altoids?

me: oh man

me: strong...

me: lol

me: those will make your eye balls pop out

t: yep and/

t: and?

t: you mean you have never?

me: have never what?

me: look at that wicked sexy grin on your face

me: OMG

me: c'mere

t: you don't know about altoids and oral sex?

me: nope

me: tell me

t: OMG

t: <-----buy altoids on way down!

me: lol

t: I will show, even better...

t: do you know the cool type..

me: yeah

t: feeling thay make you mouth feel

me: yes...

t: now imagine that...

t: combined with a warm tongue...

t: on other parts of your anatomy

me: oh man

t: :>

t: exactly

me: you're killing me

t: :">

me: so tell me something else

t: what?

me: are ya gonna come do wicked things to me

then split?

t: nope

t: it is going to take atleast a week to get

all the wicked things done

me: lol

t: what?

me: omg

t: what?

me: you're just....driving me nuts

me: and then after that week?

t: then I would have to back to work

t: :(

me: and then what?

t: then I would have to take another week


t: and...

t: yea

me: lol

t: what?

me: nothin

me: i give up

t: providing you would want me to

t: give up in what?

me: nothing

me: i don't know

me: my heads all over the place

me: and um

me: one mile at a time

t: :)

t: right now...

t: I need to walk that mile to the wee wee



me: i know... I shouldn't say stuff like that

t: why not

me: i should be a good girl

me: coy

me: and sweet

t: I am sure you will be a great girl

t: ;)

me: will be?

me: try am

t: I dont know that?

me: you don't?

t: nope

t: all I know is that you are sweet...

t: and fun...

t: and intellegent..

me: hmmm ok...well.....tile guy is wanting to

chat to me....so....uh...maybe he'll think I'm a great


t: and a hottie

t: LOL

me: i am NOT a hottie


me: lol

me: i'm not

me: i'm just a chubby sad girl

me: i keep telling ya

me: why don't ya listen to me

me: i don't lie to ya

t: do you want me to close the door and show

you what the web cam is doing to me?

me: you're making me turn red

t: why...

t: you made me type it!

me: lol

t: giving those bedroom eyes and all

t: giving me

me: i am not...

t: why not?

me: i'm just lookin at ya

t: me?

me: i can't help it my eyes walked into the

bedroom without me

t: LOL

t: and what do they see?

me: omg baby...

me: you...you're like so freaking sexy

me: you make me wanna touch myself

t: don't temp me like that...

me: temp you like what

t: or else I will put the audio back on

t: talking like that

me: i think the thing that kills me about


me: you get to me mentally

t: me?

me: you understand me emotionally

me: and then

me: you look at me like that and I go nuts


t: and you wanted a freak?

me: a man that looks at me like that? omg yes

t: :">

me: lol

me: know what I want more than that

me: more than anything else

t: what

me: more than anything I ever think about

t: what

me: i want you to feel special because you are


me: even if you don't look at me like that

t: i am not special

me: grrrr

t: what?

t: dont

t: do that

me: do what baby?

t: look at me like you could eat me up for


t: like you just want to tear my old shirt off

t: and add it to the growing pile of rags on

the bedroom floor

me: like i want you to know how special you


me: how much I want you

me: how much I want your hands in mine

me: your eyes looking at me like that when I

orgasm all over you?

me: you mean like that baby?

t: ype

t: yep

t: omg

me: i can't help it

t: my hands are all tingly now

t: just hinking about it

t: see and i cant type

me: sure ya can

me: you make me feel all crazy

me: all over

me: and you can't even touch me

t: i know...

t: it is torture here

me: its not just this baby

me: its not just right now

me: its when I miss you and feel half nuts for

missing someone that I've never been with

me: and you come right to me and tell me you

miss me too

t: :">

me: its how when I'm freaking out you find a

way to calm me down so easy

me: ya know its like I want someone to tell me

its going to be ok to love you

me: cause i'm so happy abuot it

me: i just want to be allowed to be happy

about it

me: without worrying about any of it

t: then be happy about it

me: it feels right t


me: ever meet someone that makes you all nuts


t: yep

t: her name is sweetness

me: you know...

me: you keep doing that to me

t: what

me: you'll spoil me

me: and hey lookie

t: doing what?

me: talking to me like that

me: but look

me: look it came all pretty

me: wrapped up

t: ok

t: awww

t: I told them to wrap it

me: little card

me: says

t: it was for happy !st of August

me: Happy First of August!!! Sorry nothing

else was closer. Bye for now T

me: what is happy 1st of August?

t: *shrugs*

me: awww you look so tired baby

t: a reason to send something

me: you need to stop skippping sleep for me

me: know what?

me: thats the sweetest thing anyones ever done

for me

t: what

me: and I cant' even kiss you and say thank


t: *shrugs*'


me: i just wanna hold you so bad

t: I feel the same...

t: but our time will come...

t: sooner that you might think

me: its not a bad thing t

me: dont misunderstand me

me: k baby

me: its not bad

me: i don't feel bad

me: i just want to love you

t: I hope you do love me...

t: because I love you

me: awww baby

me: don't even question it

me: its there

me: its right there

t: :">

t: Are you ok Princess?

me: yes

me: i just... you...I don't know... with

everyone and everything else in my life... I can hold

back....and I can't with you

me: its all right there

me: right on the surface

me: don't wonder if I love you

me: because

me: look babie

me: look

me: you ask me that like you're afraid I won't

me: tears

me: i just want to love you

t: :">

me: i'm sorry

t: don't be

me: i don't mean to cry and make ya feel bad

t: I just dont want you to feel bad is all

me: i don't feel bad

me: i just want you

t: our time will come love ....ok

t: so think happy thoughts and ...

me: always

me: I'm ok baby

t: remember that I love you

me: just don't ask me if I love you like you

think maybe I don't...

me: that sorta breaks my heart

me: like you think you don't deserve my love

or something

t: why

me: you have it

t: awwww

me: i can't go backwards

me: only forwards

t: :">

me: i'm gonna keep walking forwards through

mile markers and hope beyond hope that when I get

there...you're with me

t: :)

me: ok....

me: now ....say g'night kristy

t: <---jumps up and down

me: awwww

t: g'night Princess

me: g'night baby

t: :x

me: ;-)

t: I love you

me: i love you too

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