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start a war then erase yourself as an opponent?

Friday, Aug. 02, 2002
Hey snotgirl if you’re gonna come defend your diaryland pals like we're all in kindergarten and can't fight our own, then at least leave the guest book cat fight posted.

What I wrote in snotgirls book and she promptly erased. What’s to hide over on your end? Do you want to sit and believe life is all pretty?

PoeticaL - I am not a “fair weather patriot”. Do you even know what that word fair weather means? "present and dependable only in good times" And it is correctly spelled “fair-weather” as well. We are a country at war. These are not good times!! I am saddened that you think they are.

Incidentally, I might just agree with John’s viewpoint that this is in the past when there are no longer soldiers fighting a war. When it is truly in the past. Until then I won’t ever say “no offense, but im sick of hearing about it”.

The following is the opinion of a soldier currently serving in Afghanistan fighting for your rights to voice your opinions on my guest book freely and without concern for bodily harm to yourself or your loved ones. Fighting so that you can walk down the street and not be concerned for your fair-weather (yes it does have a hyphen) safety but instead can be assured of a higher standard of terrorism free living.

“t: I hate to say this but it is his right to talk like that.....
t: he is the reason there are soldiers fighting and dying.....
t: so that no one take his (EMO that is) rights away
t: it is actually kind of sad isn't in?”

I’m pretty sure John can hold his own in the arguments and doesn’t need your help. But that was quite a valiant effort.

the next entry she will delete...from PoeticaL - Don't write anything until you buy yourself a dictionary then because you use words you don't understand or know how to properly spell!

By the way, it wasn't about politics. It was about lost loved ones. And..I am sick of flag stickers all over the fucking place while idiots say "I am sick of hearing about it" I would venture to guess that he's got a flag sticker on the ass end of his car...
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