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Monday, Aug. 15, 2005
I am now stent’less. I have to go on the 22nd and get some blood work done to make sure all is well. I do have a sore throat from the procedure but otherwise I feel ok. I didn’t sleep much at all last night and so after coming home I slept most of the afternoon until 4:30 p.m. I still feel tired though. Anesthesia does that to you.

My son is home from Mexico and sent me an email. I replied telling him I had a sore throat and he said the cutest dang thing in return.

sorry to here that your throat hurts i hope it gets better when i get there couse you no how much i love to talk to you

And in other news….news that I would call GREAT news…..my Math grade posted. I got a D- and I got 3 credits for taking the course. In other words I need 3 math credits to graduate and I can take a introductory college math course at the other University to gain that. Oh…but sad….my gpa went from 3.75 to 3.13. Oh I better start racking up more A’s. Ahhh easy as long as it’s not MATH related. I’m currently enrolled in Com 215 – Essentials in College English. Ahhhh me…??? English???? Ahhh that’s an easy A. My next course is a Psychology course. Another easy A. Sweet. I cannot believe I am happy to have gotten a D-. Happy because I need 6 college credits in Math and now have 3. It’s insane that I have 3 because really all I did manage to do right was show up to class.

I just found out that my best friend and her boyfriend broke up….. :-( I hate not being able to be there (where she is) for her. I hate it. These are the times when I wish I were independently wealthy and could jump a plane and be the friend that I am in my heart.
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