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Monday, Aug. 01, 2005
My son’s Daddy bought him two shirts and two pairs of pants and a pair of tennis shoes that were on sale (over the ones he really wanted) and those were his school clothes.

Mommy thought…..not good enough.

So Mommy bought him 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 5 shirts, a pair of shoes, some new socks and a new backpack and a funky bead style necklace he liked. (Dad said he didn’t “need” a new backpack every single year. But what does Dad know?)

When Dad showed up last night (45 minutes late...with no explanation…) I noticed that he always has on something different. I’ve not seen him wear the same things twice. Of course I’m lucky and don’t see him often…but still. He’s also going on a vacation in August. But he can’t afford to buy his child adequate school clothes? Vacation benefits himself….school clothes don’t. IE: Ex thinks of self first. But to be fair..he’s taking said child on that vacation. But to be honest, said child is also missing 3 days of school to go….and recall the big speech I got when I took my son out of school early on one Friday not so long ago????? Phhhft….

Let it be known that the items I bought for my son were chosen by said child. And we broke all of Daddy’s rules and shopped at ….*gasp* the MALL. We also bought jeans that are pre-ripped for that apparent cool kid factor and big baggy tan shorts with strings and all the other kewl factors that my son deemed necessary. He also got a new backpack!! I also bought him a new book (and a copy for myself) and we’re going to both read the same book.

In addition I should of course note that when I was a kid and wanted and begged for Jordache….my mother said no. I do not have a spoiled child….but I can assure anyone that I love him enough to give him all that I can.

He kept asking me what I thought of things he was trying on. He seemed amazed when I said, “It doesn’t matter what I think or like….you have to wear these clothes not me.” He actually felt bad when he saw the totals show up on the cash registers. He said he felt bad. I told him… “Don’t feel bad, I am the parent….and this is what I should do and besides…I want to.”
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