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Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2006
Another day and I have little to say and so so much going on within and without. The days are like chain link that keeps me tied in, tied up, tied out like a dirty tired hungry dog looking for warmth on a rainy night.

This is how I’ve been feeling without any explanation, and despite that all is well. I’m bored. Bored with things, need change….crave change…..I feel far too grounded for a flighty girl.

Last night was….

Dog in lap
Big salad
Bigger bowl

Computer games unconnected
Sheets unleashed
TV’s left untouched

Laptops de-lapped
Books unearthed

Time marching on

Silence too still

Today at work will be….

Lunch eaten while typing
Indigestion lurking
Too little coffee
Too much caffeine buzz

Paperwork marching across the desk
Like soilder’s with bigger guns
Than the none that I own
In return

This morning I received an email that read

“It was great to see you as well. Yes, I have been happy since leaving my position at ………. The only sad thing has been speaking with people who still work there and are not happy. The organization is what it is, and it takes a very thick skin to take some of the stuff that happens. Again, congrats on your marriage - I wish you many happy years together!

And that says things I cannot…

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