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Sunday, Aug. 27, 2006
I'm alive and doing fairly well. I had surgery Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. I have no stitches, no staples...they used skin glue. Amazing. On Friday after surgery I was home by noon with prescriptions in hand. I got antibiotics and pain meds. I was very sick most of the afternoon and night with dry heaves to follow. I was nauseous most of the night. Chrissy came over with Pedialyte and saltine crackers and some liquid antacid. My stomach was a mess. I think I had an allergic reaction to the anti-nausea shot they put in my IV before I left. I was okay for an hour after I woke up after surgery but then was sick to my stomach and woozy after that shot.

They entered through my belly button but I can barely see anything there. They had a band aid on my belly button but when removed Rick and I could see no marks at all. I removed that band aid on Saturday.

I have three band aids on my public line. Three. Thatís it. It feels a little raw but again no stitches and no staples like last year when they removed my gall bladder. I feel tired. Very tired. Itís difficult to get up from a sitting position without discomfort but Iím really not in any pain. Iíve been holed up on the couch with my comforter and my doggie. Nurse Chloe is ever faithful. Twice on Friday afternoon she licked my face in sympathy, sighed and settled back down beside me. I think she was worried about me.

Iím taking a few days off of work because I filed for FMLA and I also need to get some rest and things at work are at a feverous pitch of insanity. I just cannot even imagine dealing with it. Iím eating Jello and juice and ginger ale. And tonight I ate a hamburger and fries and couldnít finish it all.

They were able to do the surgery without major complications whatsoever; I donít think they found anything questionable because the doctor told Rick that everything was ok. I will double check tomorrow if I can.

In the morning I will call to make my follow up appointment with the doctor. Iím feeling ok, tired and sore but pretty ok. Iíve been living in my softest pairs of pajamaís and I think I have a regular cold on top of it all. Nothing major but Iíve been sneezy and running a slight fever since Friday. Great time to get a cold, no?

I'm watching Hurricane Katrina on the Discovery channel and trying not to cry....
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