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Tuesday, Feb. 01, 2005

I am off all week due to the death of my grandmother.  I have one week worth of bereavement via the U. and I pretty much quit my job at the construction company but can continue to work if I choose to at least until they replace me or move, whichever comes first.  So far since the conversation my grandmother died and I’m not working. 


So what’s a girl to do with 24 hours in a day and none of them sucked up by the responsibility of working in them?


Well I should study.  I haven’t.  I should read about 300 pages of Team Development mumbo jumbo, but I haven’t.


What have I done instead?


2 loads of laundry, not mine….the man’s

hours upon hours of reality tv watching, shamefully…

hours of wondering about my past, my present, my future

a few hours of trying to give up Starbucks gah…those hours were horrid, but it has to happen as I will no longer have the same income I once had

Remember I quit my one job!

Contemplated doing my income taxes

Have not bought the software yet

Received a bill from the U for my one class

….one class would normally cost someone $1,440.00!  Unbelievable.  Online courses cost more than onsite classes.

Did manage to do one assignment in the last 24 hours




Wasting valuable time

For me too much time…is not good.


Today I received a copy of the Obituary.




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