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Thursday, Jan. 19, 2006
Last night I updated my book site. I finished reading two books and therefore added them. I read and reviewed Glass Castle and Brokeback Mountain.

I’ve somehow managed to read a lot in the last few weeks even though I’ve still been enrolled in college fulltime. I’m currently in a Virtual Workplace electives course that I have so far loved. It’s been minimal work but interesting to me. I recently had to write a paper on marketing and did my paper on Sony. I had a lot of fun putting it together because we were aloud to insert photo’s etc. into our paper. That’s not usually the case. .

Work is the same old same. I haven’t heard word back on the second job I recently interviewed for. I am ok with it either way though. I can’t seem to get caught up at work, but that might be because January is our second biggest month for enrollments. Meaning, most people decide to change their lives in January and then they actually act on it, so I’m swamped. But that’s ok too because the busier I am the faster my day goes by.

The new drug is still kicking my butt. I’m told by a co-worker (who is on the same drug) that it will kick in around day 30 and I’ll feel better. He says the drug helps him, but his problem is slightly different than my reasons for having the drug prescribed. It’s been making me feel extremely tired and knocked out. By 7 p.m. every night I’m ready for a nap and then I can’t sleep throughout the entire night straight thru like that.

While I am busy busy at work Rick’s work has tapered off. He’s had a few days off this week and I’ve been grouchy towards him because he hasn’t done much around the house with his days off. When I have a day off I try so hard to do something in the way of housework, etc. He did do some laundry last night…that mighta been what saved him from the wrath of the dish thrower. ;-) Ok ok so I don’t think it’s funny to throw plates at your husband but if I can’t find humor in some of my problems, I’ll go insane.

Before Christmas I placed an order from kristyk.org’s blog store and I purchased a pink “mouse potato” t-shirt and a bumper sticker that says “I like Mike”. I got an eye roll from Rick when he saw it on my vehicle. Imagine how stud like Rick must feel driving my car with a sticker that says “I like Mike” on it. lol
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The “I like Mike” story was based on comments I would leave kristyk on her site regarding her husband Mike. They were good comments mind you. From that I moved on to my “I pick Rick” series of comments. Either way, it’s all good because I do like Mike….and that sticker for some odd reason makes me smile. I suppose for me it reminds me that marriages can be good and can last despite trying times. For that I have Kristy and Mike to thank…so thanks guys…for being an inspiration to me when I get frustrated. It was especially helpful as I was Bridezilla a few months ago and it was a constant reminder to me what was and was not important for my own wedding. Important – Telling Rick how much I loved him. Not important – the guys forgot their flowers. :-)

Last Saturday I worked. A coworker of mine and I decided to go to the International Mall for lunch. I had Maui Maui fish over Jamaican rice with currants. It was yummy. I had to photograph it it was so pretty.
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One more picture…yesterday I bought myself a bright yellow coffee cup for the office. This cup makes me feel cheery. It’s also heavy and chunky feeling and the whole cup warms up with something hot inside. Love it!

I decided to write Tonymac an email this morning. Tonymac and I shared strange humourous things that no one else ever thought were funny…….anyways my email to him looked exactly like this…..

Sometimes it's the small things that matter. Yesterday I treated myself to a new coffee cup. I love my new coffee cup. It's bright yellow and it's heavy and it feels important in my hand. It heats up when I put something hot inside of it and it feels good between my lips. Never take the small things for granted. Life is too short. Get a new coffee cup, perhaps a new cozy pair of socks. Maybe you'd be happier with a down comfy pillow. Whatever it is, no matter how mundane....treat yourself today!

My coffee cup would like to say hello to you this morning and we would like to remind you to have a great day! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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