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Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2005

Last night we hit http://www.oceanjewel.com/ for some gambling, a few drinks and a lot of wind tunnel testing of our hairdo’s amongst the shuttle boat to the actual gambling boat, well I take that back.  The tunnel testing happened afterwards on the way back to shore. 


We went out with the man’s twin brother and his girlfriend.  She won some money but overall she won what she spent.  So she sort of just recycled her money.  But I suppose in the long run it is having fun that is the point.  I just couldn’t quite get into gambling, it feels like shoving your money in a reverse ATM…and you don’t even get a “thanks for your money sucker” receipt.


Today we went to the movies and saw the Bradgelina movie and I loved it. I laughed so hard at certain scenes and found the movie to be something I did not expect.  Rick thought it had a lot of action but insists that Brad messed up leaving Jennifer.  I told him that you can’t ever call what other people should or should not do in the romance department.  I personally…well if I was into chicks I’d love them to have lips like Angelina.


I just ended a class on Tuesday and the teacher I have is so slow on the grading process that I haven’t been posting it because I’ve been practically begging the woman to post it in the first place to me!  At this point the class has ended and I can’t say I could be happier.  I wasn’t happy with the teacher and I wasn’t thrilled about my learning team formation as two of the people I ended up with were relatives from Georgia or some equally boring state.  They planned online meetings and then they themselves did not show up and this pissed me off because they themselves set them up.  Losers!  But this is always the angst nervous last days before the final grade posts and it drives me personally bonkers.  I can only go with where I was in Week 4 score wise…and that is at an A.  But then the last week’s assignments are Learning Team assignments and therefore subject to your teammates intelligence as combined with your own.  So it’s mucho nerve wracking to be judged in a group of sometimes imbeciles that can sometimes hardly stop talking about all their excuses about why they can’t complete a damned thing in time.  Yes…it’s wracking my last nerve waiting for my grade.


I jokingly told Rick today that my A’s do not come easy.  Heck I had a B that didn’t come easy to me.  Ok easy is a relative term, some of them felt easy after the fact but I still had to sit and do the work.  I still had to read numerous pages of mind ballooning information that I did not always find interesting even if I did not find it as difficult as closing my eyelids down over needles.

So anyway, I told Rick I have to bust my butt to make the grades and he should be buying me diamonds to celebrate each and every good grade. And he...he....rolled his eyes at me...geesh!!! 



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