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Saturday, Dec. 03, 2005
We got a lot of really nice wedding gifts…

Seeing that we’ve been living together for 3 years, there wasn’t much that I could really want for. I mostly focused my registry on kitchen items and candles….not one soul bought me any candles..now that I have bags and boxes full of purple candles leftover from the wedding…it was probably a good thing.

The first gift I opened….was from Keith, he bought Rick and I this kick ass toaster oven/toaster combo. I love it. We took it camping and heated up pizza and it did a great job. And bagels fit perfect. Keith got us a great gift…one that I actually asked for. Thanks bud…we love you! I’ll have to stock up on pop tarts so you can try it out.
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My girlfriend Kelly bought me this Pyrex set that was on my registry. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time but these are the things that are no fun to buy so I just never did buy one. I used to have tons of Tupperware…but the ex took it ALL!! It’ll be good to stop putting things away in the fridge on my dinnerware with plastic wrap.

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My girlfriend Rosetta bought me this can opener that was also on my registry….it’s black and shiny and ….what can you really say about a can opener….but…so fun to have new appliances….
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My sister in law C (who is awesome….), her husband J and my new niece J bought me the following from my registry….I was so thrilled to get these items…..redness for the kitchen makes me happy happy….
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My Aunt DeDe sent me a few things (one I will write an entire entry about soon…) but in addition to those things she sent us this grill….with a note that it makes great grilled cheese sandwiches…we haven’t pulled it out of the box yet to find out…soon…soon… Seeing that Rick loves cheese on his cheese we might find out if you can melt cheese onto the outside of your grilled cheese…imagine!!!
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I used a wedding gift card to buy this item. It’s called the “Tea Drop”. I’ve already made tea; you can use tea bags and or loose tea. I’ve been looking for something that could do what this does without being a coffee pot. I love this item already…absolutely love it!!
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We also received quite a few gift cards via the mail and 2 day 2 park pass tickets for Universal/Adventure Island from Rick’s twin brother and gf Chrissy. Chrissy and Randy did all of the food for our wedding reception which included baked ziti and amazing meatballs and pizza (Randy’s a professional pizza baker for a living…works in a restaurant…), shrimp and cheese platters, a relish tray, and so on and on…we had tons of food, beer, liquor and champagne for our toast….we walked into the reception and everything was set up and ready to go and for that gift….we will forever be grateful beyond belief. Chrissy volunteered and I quickly agreed because that girl can really cook like few people can. Everyone raved about the food….it was great!

Chrissy also put together a very appreciated gift basket for us that included bubble bath, hot chocolate, a sound machine (to ensure romantic mood music…), two coffee cups, a box of chocolates (for romantic feeding…) All things that came in handy at some point during the week….especially the bubble bath in the big giant Jacuzzi bathtub in our room on the wedding night. (Calgon powdered bubble bath makes the water turn colors…pretty….pretty…very pretty!!)

So far with gift cards I got new silverware…I had silverware… ½ from the divorce split and ½ of it was from Randy when he moved in with Chrissy…and we never had enough forks….and I’m not even sure where some of it came from….odd…but not anymore…
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My new brother in law D. and his son D. jr. both wore brand new amazingly expensive suits to our wedding and D. took video of our wedding ceremony. A gift that's priceless. His efforts meant a lot to me. My long talk with my new nephew D. Jr. was a very nice add on to my wedding day. They looked so handsome for our wedding...it was so nice that they put forth so much effort for our day.

My best friend Carla gave me the gift of coming to be my maid of honor. I love her like a sister. Actually more than I’ve ever loved my sister….(my real sister never called….sent a card…NOTHING…no surprise) I told Carla not to buy us anything …that I simply wanted her presence. She refused to allow me to pay for her dress…she paid. She also refused to allow me to buy her dinner…or lunch on several occasions. She was sneaky and found ways to pay for these things herself. To exclude her from my gift list…would be so not right to me. I love her….more than family. My 20+ year friendship with her is priceless and it was such a good feeling to have her at my wedding…..the way that everything happened and came together filled me with such joy I cannot even put it into words. My face hurt so bad from smiling on my wedding day.

I'm told that my desk at work is covered in packages....I won't know what's there until Monday....but so far...the best gifts regarding my wedding truly are as follows:

1. My handsome son walking me down the beach isle….priceless…

2. Rick’s entire family including his stepbrother Steve being present….his family rocks…they are so good to me it makes me overflow with gratitude every time I think about it.

3. Randy being Rick’s best man…..priceless.

4. Carla being present…..priceless

5. Chrissy….everything she did for us…for me….I owe her so very much….I truly have accepted that it’s ok to really like a girl, I must have because I really like her…I hope she’s my sister in law one day.

6. A hot Jacuzzi….a star filled sky….love …

7. Rain….lightening…thunder….magazines….book to read…

8. Watching movies with Rick at the hotel…..

9. The messages written on the photo frame. So sweet.

10. The moment I heard the words “I do”

11. Truly looking forward to growing old together for all of the right reasons…..so very precious to me…

12. The watch Rick bought me during our honeymoon….I love gifts of bling bling…especially ones that I can see daily and know were given with love from someone I love madly.

13. My son’s tears….surprising him…the officiant using my words so well…

14. Rosetta brought her month old son Evan....I held a baby while wearing my wedding dress..may this be good luck for our future fertility.

15. The poem that was read....

16. Rick's reaction to my "veil" speech....a forever memory!

17. Being able to truthfully say “I love my husband.”…that’s really such an amazing gift.
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