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Thursday, Apr. 27, 2006

Ok seriously I think there’s something wrong with me or something. This entry is again regarding my recent experience at the “book club”. *said while rolling eyes*

Today an email went out to the group from our newest member. The newest member wrote an email to the author of our last read novel. This was NOT hard to do. The author has a website and anyone can write an email directly to her. However, the fellow book club member did so and then WHEN the author replied she excitedly told the group in today’s email.

Fucking doh. This is not exciting. Exciting is keeping a blog/diary/online craporama site where you write about books you’ve read and then author’s contact your dumb ass inquiring about what you thought of their book. Unsolicited emails because you took the time to read and talk about what you read. Now that’s exciting.

To prove my point I am going to write every author of every book we read and get a response and take the response to book club. Sorry but after the last nearly 5 years of having this online diary and having countless author’s contact me about what I’m reading, read, etc. Yes that’s excitemnt.

Now here’s what my brand new book club member had to write to the author

Dear ******,

I have to say I've done a lot of reading in my life for pleasure,
and I must tell you I couldn't put your book down. I don't want it
to end (I am almost done with it) and I do hope you are working on
another novel?? Because I truly believe you have a gift.


name deleted lets call her DORK

The author wrote back and said

“To: ******@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: title of book
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 13:20:54 +0000
Hi *name*!

Thank you so much for writing to me. I am in the throes of writing my next book and it helps so much to hear from readers like you. Thank you. I will put your name on my mailing list and let you know when the next book is coming out. Again, please know how much I appreciate your taking the time to write. It means so much to me. Happy spring! Sending you good vibes and best wishes, Author’s Name

Oh big fucking whoopty doo. The author added you to their list of people to pimp their next book to. I’m not fucking impressed.

I responded to this exchange with a “that’s nice that the author wrote back to you, however you might find that most author’s these day’s do have websites and assistants and someone usually will write back to you. Might I suggest you visit www.judyblume.com and leave your comments as you will receive a wonderful automated response.

Ok, now don’t write me bitchslap emails about how rude I was because I really can’t say as I give two craps. I think some people really have no clue what goes on online. Let it be known I’m having book club issues because c’mon I don’t want to fucking read the likes of Nicholas Sparks etc. I don’t want to sit around for 20 minutes and wait for people to decide to show up but not call to say they’ll be running late. I’m trying very hard to read the current book and wipe my soul of these ill feelings because we all know I have such big woman to woman relational issues, but this email today

Feeeuck…..been there done that and I’m not excited or impressed anymore. After this exchange today I decided to come up with a new project.

I am going to hunt down author websites, write them glorious emails about how much I love their work and keep a tally of what I receive back. What a “novel” idea eh?

Again just to put the icing on this bitchfest cake I’m baking here…the girl that forwarded this email exchange went on to say “I hated the ending, very disappointing.” Hmm…dumb shit maybe you should have waited to write that praiseful email to that author until you read the ENTIRE book??

As I stated to Rick earlier this evening when speaking about the book club ish… “I am a serious reader, I don’t borrow books from the library , I invest in my ongoing obsession…I don’t want to read Stephen King, Danielle Steel and/or Nicholas Fucking Sparks. I also don’t want to have a popularity contest or watch women eyeball each other up and down.

Problem I’m having in just saying “fuck it” you ask?

1. I am trying so hard to overcome these woman to woman issues.
2. There’s one book club member I adore…she’s great…we’re cheating and reading a book together on the sly on the side. Rawk!!
3. I’m a Taurus and we be stubborn.
4. I’m so totally going to write emails to every author of every book we’ve read and print out my return emails and make folder handouts for every member. It’ll be great and probably secretly piss peeps off.
5. I seriously need to work on my woman to woman ….*sigh*


I’m writing in the dark and cannot see the letters – Pete Francis

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