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Thursday, Oct. 28, 2004
I have approximately 15 minutes to try to put into words the emotions that ran thru my veins a few hours ago at the mere utterance of one sentence. What was that amazing sentence?

“Yah right, I woulda said, I’m getting marrrrried.”

Why was this sentence uttered?

My man got a ride to the U. today because he wanted to borrow my truck. He got the ride from his nephews on again off again girlfriend Tess. I don’t know Tess at all outside of her name and a few glimpses at her. So I know little to nothing about her. I mentioned to the man my slight discomfort/concern over my man getting a ride from some other female. I told him it’s not him I don’t trust but rather women in general. He said he would never do anything like that. I said, “that’s not the problem, I trust you…(insert whiney girly voice now) but what if she did something…came onto you or something?” To which he uttered

“Yah right, I woulda said, I’m getting marrrrried.”

I recall the hundreds of other conversations I have had with men in the past whereby I (as mostly all women I think….at least I hope…) got the heebie jeebies and pondered aloud to the men in my past life about the mere depth of their fortitude into faithfulness…I recalled all the shrugs, the laughs, the blown off inquiries I had. I recalled and in that one single second of recollection I leaned forward and kissed my man right there in the wide open and very public front of a big huge complex/bldg that house’s the U. Right there fast and immediate and with tons of love.

Not because of what he said mind you….but rather the way he said it fast and succinct and like I was talking a foreign language and he had the translator to the simplicity of love’s answers. As if…..after all I must be crazy to think he’d do anything but the right and noble thing.

I suppose after all the evil women I have tried to trust messed me over...it's hard to believe anything is a given. However...I know better, I just have to push this one raised eyebrow back down from time to time. :-)

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