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Friday, Oct. 29, 2004
I got an email from my boss at the U. this morning. I know this because I can check my email remotely even though I am off from the U. on Friday’s. How kewl is that? So…she tells me and everyone in our department all about policy and procedure and says she will be spot checking in November and December to make sure that all is as it should be. She also mentioned how some people in our department tend to take LONG lunch breaks. Me not included. She’s cool and I really dig her, so it’s all good. I responded back….telling her about my experience at the U. last night. Oddly it came after my own person bout with jealousy regarding the man. And YES my bosses name starts with an R too.


So when you come and visit me in November and December can you bring me some cookies??? Heck…I’m not even there today and I’m reading policy.

Incidentally another professor asked me out last night. As he was doing so…whilst following me to the parking lot…whereby my fiancé was with my truck waiting for me….he noticed my fiancé and made a huge break for it. Then fiancé says “ohhh it looks like someONE likes you….”

This particular professor actually kept changing his path of walking out of the bldg to match mine. I almost busted out in giggles when my fiancé was waiting for me….said professor got all befuddled quick.

Teeheee…I swear tell a man you work two jobs and are planning to go to college and that you have your own place….you can’t beat em off with a stick. The weird thing is the older I get the more attention I get. Very odd.

b.t.w. I will be be out to lunch alllll day today. :-)


I think I get more attention these days because it’s true what they say. When you’re happy you’re sexier, when you’re confident it’s attractive. When you’re smiling you are inviting.

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