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you were so near (poem)

Friday, Sept. 13, 2002
you were so near

i look for you
everywhere i go
i know you’re not there
you’re already too far away
somehow i imagine
that if i stop glancing
i just might miss you
even more

in a dream last night
i stretched out every word
i ever wrote because of you
then i crawled on my
shaking hands and wobbly knees
across that wire high
i was inching closer
inch by faith it was a cinch

and then i woke up
walked sleepy down the hall
to find out in my mirror
that my heart must miss you
stronger than a silent rain
for in my sleep
it told my eyes to sigh
told the rain to fall

in my dream
you were there…
just on the other side
you were so near
close enough that
you were as clear
as every tear
i have cried


(for 't' with a prayer hoping that you are still safe....)
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