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Thursday, Apr. 03, 2003
Before we got our own place we got along amazingly well. Now I’m agitated and we fight way too much. Last night I threw his lighter and it flew behind him and hit the wall, 6 inches over and it might have hit him. He threw a CD on the floor saying “I can throw things too.” The case cracked into a thousand pieces. I’m going back to the shrink and getting some more happy pills. I swear that’s the only thing that’s changed. It’s me. Yeah it’s me…not him. I know I shouldn’t write this here because within a matter of minutes someone will tell me something that won’t help my mood, etc. I’m calling the doctor…. Rick won’t answer the phone, and I don’t blame him. Maybe I couldn’t go from being married in December to being in a relationship living with someone just a few weeks later. But I don’t think that’s the problem at all. It’s something chemical and I need that drug, I was so different, so much calmer and coping so much better with everything. Last night I had this major headache, didn’t eat for like 9 hours and was running around doing errands/working when I should have just gone to bed. I just cracked, holding it all in for months, all the anger and pain and I just…I’m just messed up I guess.

I’m trying so hard…but before…before we got our own place I didn’t have to try and it was perfect. Zoloft…I need that drug I suppose. Ugh…live and learn. Now where do I get that extra $80 a month??

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