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Tuesday, Apr. 08, 2003
Look at all these people who are taking Paxil and/or Zoloft or similar drugs. These drugs do not make you happy. They do however in some cases relieve symptoms of mental illnesses. Any relief from OCD, depression, compulsive disorders, post traumatic stress syndrome, etc. is a godsend for those who suffer these emotional nightmares. My psychiatrist believes I have long suffered from post traumatic stress disorder due to the abandonment of my family at the age of 19, with the addition of my ex’s infidelities and the recent loss of living with my child and strong sense of family loss again in my life, these events have again triggered feelings of anxiety and impending doom and despair. I on the other hand know that I am highly angry and feel that someone’s taken my child away even though logically I know this is not the case.

In the last 4 years I have lost my father to sclerosis (after reconciling with him after a 7 year absence of parenthood in my life), I had my son taken away from me to another state after being told he was simply going for hamburgers around the corner, I spent 21 days without him and without knowing when he was coming back, I have caught my husband in bed with another woman (physically caught him), I have lost a job I loved, I had a car die on me, I filed bankruptcy jointly with husband only to have him bail on all arrangements and therefore our home was foreclosed upon and everyone had to move out, I had my own apartment last year only then to have him rack up an electricity bill in the house before the foreclosure which led me to have an electricity bill I could not pay and had to leave my apartment and move back in with him, he got a DUI, my dog broke his leg, my son had to switch schools twice, husband left 2 days after Christmas, his first affair was a mess he involved my son in, and just to even it all out, he left me homeless just 3 months ago.

The above paragraph doesn’t include the fact that he pawned my belongings, gave my things to whoever he was boinking at the time, and basically had no respect for me or my life or wellbeing. I don’t think in light of all of these things that if it is better for me to take medication that affords me a better coping mechanism that this means I am a bad or less than person. Mental illness is not a taboo. Not to me. It is the same as a person having diabetes and taking insulin.

Randy came over last night and told me, “Rick says you guys are doing great again..something about medication?” Why suffer when there’s no reason? *gulp* there goes the daily dosage. Have a healthy day!

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