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Wednesday, Oct. 06, 2004
Today I called Verizon and turned off b.f.’s DSL at his request. Of course I was his “pretend” wife for purposes of this phone call. Oddly enough she only ever asked me for the phone number and address so I could conceivably call Verizon and turn off anyone’s DSL service. *wicked laughter*

The representative kept talking to me about ports and the fact that he wants his home phone turned off and all his calls to route to his cellphone. During all this blah blah’ing she kept referring to me as “Miss _ _ _ _”. Yah I’m his pretend wife for the call but she’s calling me MISS. Hmm… Then I realized that my current name has exactly 4 letters and one syllable in it and my new name will have exactly 4 letters and one syllable in it as well. But I’m moving wayyy up in the alphabet so I can then go first instead of last. And my new last name will start with the same letter as my maiden name did. So I’m back in the sea’s baby! Back to happiness….
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