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Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2002
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What is Myalgic Encephalitis ?

ME is an illness characterised by a number of symptoms rather like a severe flu. It affects the body and the mind. It is also known as post viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS) and as fibromyalgia. It has probably been in existence for many years, but it is poorly understood and has been called by different names at different times. The characteristic features are fatigue which goes on for more than 6 months and for which no other cause can be found. It may follow an infection like flu or tonsillitis. The fatigue affects both mental and physical activity and is not relieved by rest. Other symptoms may include sweating, shivering, feeling cold, headaches and nausea. Bowel problems such as diarrhoea or constipation can occur. Visual problems and generalised aches and pains especially in muscles or joints may occur. Patients complain of poor memory and difficulty in concentrating. All these symptoms may vary from day to day and are often made worse by minimal physical or mental effort. Mood swings may occur and people may feel tearful and depressed. Patients become particularly frustrated that no clear explanation for their illness can be found. They are also somewhat characteristically "high achievers" who were more energetic than average prior to becoming ill.

How does Myalgic Encephalitis occur ?

The cause of ME is not known. It is not even clear how fatigue itself is caused. It is thought that it may be triggered by a common virus infection based on the knowledge that people can get similar symptoms when they have a viral illness. Because fatigue is also a feature of some disorders of the body’s defence or immune systems, it has been suggested that ME is a disorder of the immune system.

Why does Myalgic Encephalitis occur ?

There is no test to diagnose ME. It occurs more commonly between the ages of 20 to 40 but can affect children. There may be a familial component. It is thought that there are at least 150 000 sufferers in the U.K. Why ME is triggered in some people and not others is unknown. It may be that some are more vulnerable through physical or mental stress at the time that a viral infection strikes. There is an association with depression but it is not clear whether one disorder causes the other.

Treatment Involved for Myalgic Encephalitis

It is very important that the diagnosis is only made on good clinical evidence after other illnesses have been excluded. There is no test for ME but most people will have had a lot of blood tests and X-rays to look for unusual infections and other diseases. Once this stage is past, it is better to stop doing unnecessary tests or seeing different doctors and to try to accept and understand the condition as it affects the individual and the family. Support and understanding from doctors, family, friends and employer will be helpful. Depression commonly accompanies the condition and a trial of antidepressants is often worthwhile. Patients find this difficult to accept as they may suspect that the doctor feels their symptoms are not genuine. Rest is important, but it is important to try to maintain interests and activities so that the condition does not overwhelm the patient. Without any exercise, people do become unfit and pain and stiffness are to be expected when exertion is attempted. Diet can be important. A well balanced diet high in fiber and protein and low in fat is healthy. Extra vitamins have not been shown to be beneficial. No particular treatment has been proven to be effective. Many have been tried and some work in some patients, often without convincing evidence. A variety of alternative remedies are proposed. Some patients may welcome physiotherapy and improvement results but others claim that physiotherapy makes them worse.

During Treatment for Myalgic Encephalitis

ME is an illness where the symptoms may change from day to day. Certain factors can aggravate the illness. For example, too much physical or mental effort can make things worse. It is important to take advantage of periods of improvement so that activities are maintained. The development of physical signs or symptoms indicating another condition should prompt a reconsideration of the diagnosis.

After Treatment for Myalgic Encephalitis

It is difficult to predict how long ME will last. Early diagnosis and appropriate help is important. About one third will make a slow but steady recovery, but the future course of the disease is impossible to predict and the illness can relapse. Most follow a pattern of relapses and improvements that can go on for a few years.

If Myalgic Encephalitis is Left Untreated

There is no specific treatment for ME. If no treatment was sought, the condition would gradually improve. However, much can be done to try to improve symptoms.

Effects on Family of Myalgic Encephalitis

People with ME can become depressed, angry, guilty or lose their self-confidence. They need understanding and support from their family and friends. The family need to try to be positive and provide encouragement.

Be positive and provide encouragement? I can already tell you this much…. FUCK THAT!
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