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Friday, Jun. 10, 2005
To heck with that armband contraption …Apple needs to make a Tocket…a pocket within the bra (tit pocket…tocket…cute no???) for the Shuffle….because that’s where mine’s always jiggling about at. I can’t stand those long wires so I tuck the whole contraption in there with one of my girls. Perhaps the Tuffle for yo’ Shuffle? Cute no??? No???... darn..

But really what I want is a Sony Camera bred with a T-Mobile Sidekick with all the amazing features of a Palm Pilot along with the Ipod Mac Daddy Model. The Sotalmod. Yah….love it. Better yet with the capability of having a background screen shot picture like my Sanyo cellphone…wait…wait..stop the presses it needs to have a picture of Paul Westerberg on it. The SotalmodBerg device. Nice…. A button to automatically open my car doors infused into it like my keychain model would be a plus. Perhaps an “order out remote” button straight to the Starbucks closest to me would be cool. Oh and if it had a vibrate feature I would marry it.

and to answer….that is NOT me holding letters….
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