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Wednesday, Sept. 04, 2002
Someday I might be as good of writer as you..but who am I kidding. - MP

This from the one person that taught me everything about being a true artist with words? I think I'm gonna cry. You have no idea what your saying this to me means. What it has always meant.

Your name will be on that first page someday. I swear I'm going to write my book for you and Bucky. You and Bucky. Two things that have only ever meant goodness. Two people that propel me into every cause that is a reaction for celebration.

I can honestly say that you're influence, writing, friendship and otherwise... has played a huge huge part in who I am as a writer. You're the best thing that ever happened to it. "You simply are the ink inside my pen!" Thank you...two words that are never enough. Thank you for saying good morning to me all those times even though it pissed off the whole scroll. Thank you for doing it anyway. No one else knows...I'm so glad I do.

wiping happy tears-

and this is as kewl as Paul himself!
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