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Tuesday, Jun. 06, 2006
For every class I attend the first order of business is posting your BIO for the group as a introduction and the then I read the teachers BIO to see where he’s worked and what he’s done, etc. For the first time ever I found this teachers BIO to be entertaining and funny and therefore I want to keep it.

Instructor Biography
Jeff K.

I have had the pleasure of working for the University for over 7 years now. I started out as a Faculty Curriculum Coordinator for the Mountain (now Central) Region and stayed in that position for one year. I was then promoted to Academic Affairs Manager for the New Mexico campus. In this responsibility, I scheduled faculty for both the Santa Teresa and Albuquerque campuses in New Mexico. In July 2001, I transferred to the Southern Colorado Campus in Colorado Springs Colorado, to perform the same duties. In January 2002, I was lucky enough to be promoted to the position of Academic Affairs Manager for the State of Colorado. This position keeps me busier than a father with newborn sextuplets however I love the excitement and the associated responsibility that goes with the job.

My past jobs have included restaurant and retail management, electronics warehousing and being a Facilities Manager for Sport Service Corporation located in St. Louis Missouri. This position brought the added benefit of free Cardinal baseball and (when they were located in Missouri) football games. These positions have allowed me to live in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and now Colorado. As the Grateful Dead have postulated, “What a Long Strange Trip It Has Been.”

In my spare time I enjoy playing golf and have been acting for over 10 years now. My left foot was prominently featured in an Advil commercial, my left hand was seen grabbing a pork butt roast from the meat department for the now defunct Furrs Grocery chain and my left elbow shared screen time with Bruce Willis in the major movie bomb “Last Man Standing.” I am now auditioning for roles that will feature the right side of my body. Additionally, I have appeared in regional theater productions in New Mexico and have been featured on the cover of the initial offering of Internet World magazine. I fit the profile as they were looking for a fat, grey haired old man. Finally I have appeared as an extra in other Western movies as they film a lot in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is 50 miles north of Albuquerque. The best part of being part of shoots like those is that when you are not working (which is the majority of the time) you can have all the peanut M & M’s and Diet Coke (to counteract the M & M’s) that you can consume. I believe these roles were instrumental in my being selected for the Internet World cover photo.

My Bio ….I just keep posting the same one over and over and over…..and over…..

My name is Kristy #### and I am very fortunate to be an employee of ****** *****, Inc., which is the company that is behind the University. It also happens to be a great company to work for. Officially I work in the Student Services Department where I first served as the ******* ******** ********** for the learning center in the sunny Tampa Bay area of Florida. After 8 months in that position I was laterally moved to a better position at the same location as the ********** **********. In my previous role I got to see first hand the inner workings of one of the many University’s onsite learning centers, as well as interact with students and faculty on a daily basis. This interaction served as a great inspiration to me as an individual as well as a student myself. I have been employed with ****** ***** since September 2004. As an ********** ********** I have to check over student files and be sure that all pieces of information are included within the file in order for students to be successfully admitted. This experience has taught me a lot about the value of the written word in the business world.

Prior to beginning my employment with ****** ***** I had many years of work experience in the administrative assistant world, a role that allowed me to gather many diverse skills and experiences, and yet left me with a distinct understanding that without further education I was professionally and mentally at a standstill.

My decision to enroll online was made in part because I consider myself to be computer savvy and felt it would be a good experience for me, as well as provide me with more insight for students who inquire about our online programs. In addition my learning style is not conducive to be entrapped in a classroom for a long 4 hours a week. I can study that long when my brain is in high gear, but I like to study on my own terms for maximum success.

I have many hobbies; I once read 52 books in a year just to prove that it could be done. It can be! I also write poetry and fiction and lyrics for local bands. I am often asked to construct emails or critique business communications for my peers because I have little fear of writing and a great deal of excitement when it comes to producing a well written piece of work. I like to spend my free time at the beach with my son talking about anything he chooses.

I am a newlywed!!!! I just got married again on November 26th. I am also the mother of a 13-year-old son for whom I share custody with his father, otherwise known as the ex!! I am a relatively young parent as he is 13 and I am 36. I did not have the option to attend college in my earlier years and now I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to begin a new phase in my life and my biggest supporter is my son and therefore my biggest aspiration is to serve as a great role model for him.

I am looking forward to expanding my horizons as well as my way’s of thinking and learning and growing as a person, but my biggest motivation remains looking forward to showing my son his Mom’s diploma. This is my 13th class...I'm getting there....

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