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Wednesday, Jun. 07, 2006
I wrote this last night….never posted it…….so why not tonight….you’ll never know….

Right now I’m very glad that Rick and I went out Sunday night because I haven’t really seen him for longer than five minutes since. Meaning, he’s been at work. I haven’t seen him since yesterday morning at 7:30 a.m. when he ended up in the work truck driving behind me.

I spoke to him this morning when he called to apologize for working so late last night. Apologize? For working late? No need. But I’m sorry too because I miss him. It’s still a very odd sensation for me when I miss my husband because it is only with him that I’ve ever felt this way.

I can’t lay down and relax….without him.
I can’t find peace…without him.
I can’t let go…without him.

Eventually like last night the overpowering sleepiness overtakes me but it takes so long and it comes to me so jaggedly, it’s much like swimming against the currents within the ocean. You know that you can but the effort seems so immense and then when you do somehow you are still not floating lightly on the surface.

All of these words to simply state…I miss him when he’s not here.

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