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blue joules rocks the tampa bay

Monday, Aug. 12, 2002
This is some pretty damn cool stuff!

Blue Joules....you guys rock some major a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Joules Rocks


the Tampa Bay Bucs!!!

If you honestly don’t know yet or can't recall who this band is...they're the guys that are currently belting out lyrics to 2 (hopefully soon to be 3...) of my songs that I wrote the lyrics for. They rule in my notebook! Go click above and see what marketing geniuses they truly are! Oh...and Jam


me: I can find another dyslexic smart ass again .... Hey Jamie...are you dyslexic? ;-)
jamiec: No… I’m lysdexic… thanks…

teeheeee...killer...I totally love jamiec! shhh don't tell him..just say "yeh eimaj ytsirk sgid uoy!"
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