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Monday, Nov. 21, 2005
Tonight I went to the book club and made new amazing friends who I thoroughly enjoyed and really “talked” to and with. There’s a difference in connecting and simply waiting for your turn to speak. There was a connection. What was meant to be an hour and a half turned into 3 ˝ hours. The company was the kind I like to keep. And while all sorts of things were discussed….we did discuss the book at great length and made plans for next time.

Driving home I realized that there are two types of people in the world….those I can choose to listen to and those that have nothing worthwhile to say. There really are few in betweens. These were people I really enjoyed my time with. It was something I’ve been missing.

Tomorrow my best friend arrives and I can’t wait to see her….laugh with her….and simply “be”. I have a different appreciation for my life and it’s pleasures these days.

Maybe we never appreciate the best that life has to offer until after we have experienced the worst we will ever endure. I can’t explain it but I know that I look at things in my life and appreciate them because they were not always there.

Reason # 876,564,234,332,879,990 I pick Rick : Because he told me to have a good time tonight and …..and…..he really meant it.

I just logged into school and I had written my weekly summary this morning…have to summarize your personal thoughts once a week…..and this is what I said…


This week has been crazy busy for me personally, work related and as far as school.  I am working furiously to get ahead of the game since I am getting married this coming Saturday.  I have never felt so grounded and together in my life though.  I believe this is because of school in part.  School forces you to prioritize your time and address and readdress your goals on a weekly basis. 


This week I spent a lot of time doing research and I wrote my intro and conclusion first and have never done that before.  I don’t know if it was better this way or not, I suppose I’ll let my grade tell me. 


I have further learned a lot about citations and research and what makes a good source versus a bad source.  I enjoyed the assignment comparing good sources to bad sources and indicating the differences.  The questions prompted me to change the way I think when doing my personal research.


After that my teammates in my learning team wrote….


Kristy, I think I can speak for the entire learning team when I say you
have done a great job even with everything that is going on.  I wasn't
sure if I told you yet or not but congratulations on your wedding.



I second that.  You have been a great team member Kristy!  Good luck on your
up-coming nuptials.




When you have your peers tell you this…..it just feels good.

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