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Thursday, Oct. 03, 2002
Every morning I ..

Hit my snooze 4 times
Crawl out of bed on the 5th alarm
Take a shower
Dry my hair while wrapped in a towel
Brush my teeth
Straighten my hair with my styling iron
Smooth on some moisturizer
Add a scant amount of makeup
Turn the stereo on, usually the ‘mats or paul
And then when I’m almost ready…. The best part…

I go into my son’s bedroom and I put my one foot on his waterbed and move it up and down and say…..

“OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO it’s a HURRICANNNNNNNE….Captain (his real name) you must abandon your ship!!!!!!!!!!!”

He usually giggles from under the blankets. I do this in a very dramatic way. I am loud and boisterous and turn the lights on and steal his big fluffy down comforter he loves so much.

And then he usually stumbles out of his warm bed and has a big smile on his face and goes to take a shower in his bathroom.

This morning he groaned, didn’t want to get up. So I told him he could have five more minutes because after all I love the snooze button myself. After 3 times of this it was impossible to allow it to go on anymore. So…..

Mommy got a big glass of warm water and went back into his bedroom and put my one foot on his waterbed and moved it up and down and said….

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it’s a HURRICANNNNNNNE…Captain (his real name) you should have abandoned your ship!!!!!!” And I simultaneously threw the warm water on him. He burst out laughing and then this is what my child said….

“Cool, now I don’t have to take a shower!”

He’s the best!
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