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Thursday, Oct. 14, 2004
Today I called R’s twin brother R to inquire about my fiancé R’s birthday coming up, which is also his twin brother R’s birthday. I wanted to know if R. had told R. about anything he was wanting etc. so that I could get my honey what he most wants, that is if R, the twin brother, knew. But he didn’t.

I just realized this morning how much I miss talking to R’s brother R. I mean…I used to live with him for crying out loud so it would be conceivable that I’d miss him…right? And then after I didn’t live with him anymore he lived next to R and I for a long time. And now…now he’s living with his new girlfriend Chrissy who is making him quite the happy R these days. This turn of events makes me happy. It’s nice to hear R’s brother R happy. Ok R you confused?

Just a random tip…Cloudwalker brand shoes that they sell at Avenue…are the most comfortable shoes you will ever buy. Ever. As in ever. I love them. The first time you put them on your feet you realize that someone very ingenious designed their shoes. They fit like a glove and feel so stupendously wonderful. They are like sliding into your old worn favorite pair of jeans that fit just right. And this is the very first time you wear them. I now own 4 pairs of their shoes and I am addicted to them. I almost refuse to wear anything else to the U because of the amount of walking I do for the U. (I make NO endorsement monies…none…zip…zilch…I’d be happy if they sent me a free pair of shoes tho’)

R just called. No not his brother R but my fiancé R. He’s done with work and might come to the U. I might actually get to see him. How cool would that be? Pretty darn cool. And if he does that I’d venture to guess he might just spend the night too. Hooorahhh! I miss him and it’s only been a few days….gah… It’s hard to not see him daily when I’m used to living with him. Patience….must have…patience…

Since I have my cloud shoes on I’ll be in a terrific mood all night….I …oh geez I can’t believe I’m reduced to writing the drivel I write lately…

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